Sweetploring: The Rocky Mountain Factory

Hi Guys! So, recently I went to The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory & shared it on my new blog: Sweetplorations. Have you heard of Sweetplorations ? I have the craft side here and the sweet side there.


Good Morning Everyone & Welcome to our first Sweetploration: We are heading to The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.


As the name suggest, this sweet place is filled with decadent confectionery treats: ranging from candy apples, chocolate covered marshmallow to a wide assortment of unique truffles. Upon walking in, you are not only being greeted by their workers but by an impressive array of Candy Apples…if I must say so myself.

IMG_3261IMG_3266IMG_3265IMG_3262IMG_3263IMG_3264Admittedly, I think the apples look fantastic and would be such thoughtful gifts on their own but for the price, ranging from 5- nearly 10 dollars, it’s certainly a treat

Once I moved past the apples, there was quite the arrangement of every chocolate-covered goodie that one could want: Chocolate Covered Marshmallows, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Chocolate Covered Smore’s, Chocolate Covered Twinkies…yes TWINKIES. The only reservation that I had was the seemingly pricy price tag attached to all of these goodies…

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WorkWith Wire Wreath: Paper-Circle Chandelier

Backstory: I have recently reached a point in my life whereas I do not think I can spare a single penny more into any more craft supplies; well perhaps I am being a bit dramatic but honestly, unless I can spare a dollar here and there, I am currently just going to be creating crafts by either recycling previous craft supplies or simply doing what we do best here, creating from what we already have. That being said, today I reused the wire wreath from the Tutu Canopy that I did earlier on here and made a paper-circle chandelier.

What I Used:

Medium Sized Wire Wreath

Cardstock Paper




How It’s Done:

Step 1) Paint your wire wreath your color of choice. * Since I have been obsessed with this blue cotton color, I decided to use that color.

Step 2) Using a circular object, trace several circles onto card-stock paper and cut these circles out. The more, the better.


Step 3) Paint your circles and let come to being at least nearly dry

Step 4) Lay out your ribbon in equal lengths and tape your circles via the back in your pattern of choice. * I did lay out my circles/ribbon beforehand just so I could get a general idea of how I wanted the layout of circles to be.

Step 5) Take two equally long piece of ribbons and tie them in a cross position to your wire wreath as this is how your chandelier will be hanged.

Step 6) Tie your circle strands onto your wire wreath in various places. *I did not create many circle strands ( I did maybe 6) but you can create as many or little as you’d like your chandelier to have.

There you have it!

♥Workwithit, girl: Make It Yours, Make It Work♥


WorkWith Glitter Cardstock Paper: Shooting Star Spinners

Backstory: My good friend, Carly, gave me this very pretty blue-glitter cardstock paper a week or so ago and I just knew I had to make something with it. As I have been in the stores lately, I have noticed the usual wind blower spinner things  and figured that I would just make my own hand-held spinners using the star as the shape since the 4th of July is coming in all.

What I Used:

1 Unsharpened Pencil

1 Wall/Cardboard Tac

Blue Glitter Cardstock Paper by Recollections



How Its Done:

Step 1) Cut out an outline of a medium size star on your Cardstock paper

Step 2) Carefully, poke your tax into the center of your pencil ( do not poke it all the way through).

Step 3) Once you have made a sturdy hole into your pencil, poke your tax into the center of your star, then back into the pencil. There should be a little room in between your star/pencil so that the star can spin.

Step 4) Take a piece of tulle and glue it onto the back of your pencil




Isn’t it cute ? I think that with some parental guidance because of the sharp tacs…that I managed to poke myself with…these would be a cute little party DIY/craft for the kiddies to take home, what do you think ?

♥ WorkWithIt, Girl: Make It Yours, Make It Work ♥



WorkWith Old Skirt: Adorable Floral Purse

Backstory: Recently, I decided that I was no longer going to wear this Forever 21 skirt that I had but I did not want to donate it because it had stains on it. So, I knew I wanted to make a purse with it since I thought that the floral design was so pretty and perfect with consideration to the warmer weather that has arrived.

What I Used:

1 Skirt



Hot Glue Gun

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take your skirt and cut out the first layer ( outer layer) and the inside lining as a rectangular-like shape. Your cut out does not need to be perfect.

Step 2) Lay each piece on top of each other and fold in the left and right sides, glue down the sides inward.

Step 3) As for the bottom, just glue the two layers together

Step 4) Take the bottom and fold it up, now gluing the sides  of the double layer together. *At this point you should have the inside of a purse.

Step 5) Take a ribbon and glue the ribbon onto the inside layer of the left/right side of the purse


Tadaaa ♥

WorkWithIt: ♥ Make It Yours, Make It Work ♥

WorkWith Gift Wrapping Paper: Quirk Bows

Backstory: A few years ago I thought it would be a cool idea to make some Christmas bows out of all the accumulative newspaper that I had collected over the course of the school year. As I shared my bows with strangers & friends alike, they were quite intrigued by the creativity of it all…so while it is not something new and it may have been something that you’ve seen before, I thought that I would share it with you guys here nonetheless.

What I Used:

Gift wrapping paper




How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take your wrapping paper and cut out even strips in length and width ( 9 is required for each bow).* It is really useful to have paper with lines/grids on the back but if not, you can still make do, just use a ruler or something straight.


Step 2) Roll 8 strips into a cone like shape, cut the ends and staple. *You basically want to fold it like a “cure symbol” pulled together tightly…if that makes any sense.

Step 3) Arrange four cones in a plus + sign kind of shape and glue or staple or tape together. Do the same thing twice.


Step 4) Tape or glue one cone plus on top of the other in a crisscross kind of way.


Step 5) Take your 9th strip that you did not roll up into a cone and roll it into a circle, staple it and put into the center of the bow.

You are done!

WorkWithIt: Make It Yours, Make It Work ♥


WorkWithIt Takeitback Wednesday: Failed Projects!

Good Morning You Guys!

For today’s edition of “Takeitback” Wednesday, I wanted to share with you guys some of the ideas/projects that I have started in the past that just did not turn out well at all. The reason why I wanted to share some of them is because sharing even the imperfect embodies one of the values of WorkWithIt: creation prevails over perfection. We are not about perfect execution & perfect outcomes here; it is more important to create anything /something than to do nothing because we feel that we do not/can not meet the requirements ( in the things that we have, how we might complete a project, etc). So, here are four projects that were better off in my mind:


This is what started to be Red Velvet Hot Cocoa Pancakes and turned out to be bland and soggy-like strips of pancake batter all over the place. I had ( and still do) have a sizeable mix of Red Velvet Hot Cocoa Mix so I thought that I would add some of the powder mix into my pancake mix to create these “awesome” pancakes. Little did I know how little pronounced the red velvet flavoring would be; as if. I think I tried to convince myself that it was there (the taste) but boy, it was nothing special and needless to say, this is the only picture I have left from that mistake of a project ;p.


Can you see the packaging print behind the green paint ? I sure can! That is not even where this project started to go wrong. I had previously kept trying to wrap the bucket with gift wrapped paper but it did not dawn on me until later on in the project that because the bucket width changed as it went to the bottom ( wider on top, narrower on bottom), that’s why the paper was not wrapping properly. After an accumlated frustration, I just decided to paint the bucket but because I was so impatient and did not do any other layers, you can see the packaging information! -sighs-


Does this picture look nice ? I think it does but that’s the beauty of the picture, not the bucket. And no, this is not the same bucket as the one above. I had attempted to redo the green/Christmas bucket but again, I was not patience and it took a turn for the worst! First, I kept laying wet paint on top of wet paint and no WONDER the white streaks kept on being visible. Then being sooo impatient about it, I just tried to stick on those red bows with TAPE on wet PAINT….and one fell off one by one by one by one…that alone made me frustrated. And let’s not get started on the MESS with the glitter that I made; everywhere..anywhere…glitter is forever! All I have to say is that I am glad I could take a reasonable picture but I am so, going to have to do try again.

I am quite mixed on this project but I am going to lean on this project being a failed project..this Cotton Candy Head…beehive Cone -swallows-. At first, I had painted the cone pink but it did not look too good ( the design of the actual cone was transparent under the paint) so I decided to take some tulle that I had, and to wrap it around the cone…creating this. The more I wrapped, the more “crazay” this cone started to seem in my head. Perhaps, I just need a second opinion, cute or just as wild as I thought it to be ?

That wraps up my four failed projects but believe me that I have had many more. Admittedly, sometimes I am disappointed that my ideas turn out to be disasters but we are not defeated when we fail but when we decide to give up and not try again. My encouragement to you is to keep trying & to keep working with what you can because that’s what progression ( not perfection) is about.

Do you have any crazy ideas/projects that you tried but did not turn out well ? Share in the comment section below!

WorkWithIt: Dont be discouraged when you fail, be informed and be motivated when you do ♥

WorkWith Round Candle Jar: Mickey Mouse Glitter Globe

Backstory: So, I was scavenging through the dollar store, backpack heavy & hands overflowing with too many things for a rational person to carry, and I eyed this candle jar sitting on the shelf. Initially, I was not intending to get it but as I wandered through the toy section, I noticed these small Disney figurines; one being Mickey Mouse…literally only one Mickey Mouse left. I do not know when it dawned on me but looking at the candler jar was reminiscent of a snow globe and I figured that I could make it into one.

What I Used:

Wide Candle Jar

1  Pillsbury Lid ( Look at what you already have around your home before you buy something to cover the hole)

Gold Glitter

Mickey Mouse Figurine ( Of course, you can use whatever figurine you’d like 🙂

Hot Glue Gun

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take your figurine and glue it onto the center of your lid. * It is up to you whether you will glue it upside down or right side up. I chose to glue Mickey onto my lid inside out ( upside down).

Step 2) Fill up your candle jar nearly all the way up with water and sprinkle a generous amount of glitter onto the top


Step 3) Take your hot glue gun and glue the lid ( figurine face down) onto the candle jar. I put glue on the inside of the lid and I also went around with my glue gown over the rim of the lid to seal it with more glue!




Even though I am assuming that this particular candle jar may not be as accessible but I wanted to share it because I want to encourage you to look beyond not having the exact jar because you don’t really need to have it. If you do end up doing this craft ( or not), which Disney figurine would you make yours up ?

♥ Workwithit: Make It Yours, Make It Work♥

~ Bre