Fun Family Crafts is a website dedicated to giving families a online go-to place for crafts that are family-friendly and that can be for kids-teenagers. They allow crafters/creators to submit their ideas through a small form and if accepted, their idea will go live on their website. It was a pleasant notification when I saw that one of my ideas, specifically the Enchanted Rose Jar, went live on their site.

ChicaCircle tag line is “Where Crafty Is Contagious” and they have a website full of craft ideas, recipes, DIY’s and other fun things. I was cheerful to see that they mentioned me via their facebook page.

FaveCrafts is like an online craft havens for all who want to craft and/or find a DIY for themselves to do. They have several catergories ranging from leather crafting, to green crafting to holiday crafting and so on. What’s nice is that they organize/share so many different ideas on their website that you don’t have to go searching for hours online for ideas on what/how to create.