WorkWith Gift Wrapping Paper: Hello Kitty Pancake Tutu

Backstory: Every year, during Christmas, I immensely enjoy wrapping as many gifts as I can and I find myself wishing that I knew more people whom I could give to just so that I can wrap more gifts. Unfortunately my gift-wrapping passion was cut super short last year due to some financial reasons that came about ( that certainly is better now). That being said, I had bought a jumbo roll of wrapping paper from Target and some Hello Kitty gift wrapping paper from CVS pharmacy in 2015 that I really only sparingly used; so rather than have them continue to sit in the closet I decided to WorkWithIt to make a tutu!

Here’s What I Used:

  • Gift Wrapping Paper ( from last year)
  • Staples
  • Ribbon/String ( leftover ribbon from a DIY Christmas craft)

How It’s Done:

Make The Belt:

Step 1): Roll out your wrapping paper and cut several inches  in width a piece of paper that can go around the size of your waist ( left). *It does not need to be exact when you cut it, you can alwas cut a long piece and then hold it up to your waist so that it may be more precise.

Step 2): Fold the paper in half and staple all the way down * (right)

Make The Tutu:

Step 1: Lay out your wrapping paper and cut out even rectangular pieces ( I simply put a piece of cardstock paper in the middle and made cut out the size of that paper). I recommend cutting at least 20-25 rectangular pieces, however you may/may not need more/less.

Step 2: Fold each piece of paper like you would fold a paper fan and tightly fold the bottom ( staple to hold together). * Make sure you fold the bottoms of your fans in the same direction…otherwise your fans will have to upside down and unless your wrapping paper is reversible…you do not want that.

Step 3: Take a paper fan and staple the bottom folded half to the belt and do this repeatedly until the whole belt is filled *(  image). * Make sure as you are stapling your fans to the belt, that you also staple the spaces in between…this is what will bring the whole tutu together (right image).

Step 4: Once your done, staple a sturdy piece of ribbon to the end of your tutu because you will use this ribbon to tie the tutu on and off.


And there you have it!

It’s easy & it’s simple…and it barely cost you anything to make. Now, I am not saying I would try to dance in this tutu because the paper can be so fragile to movement but if you want to work with something different & unique, this is a fun craft for all the Ballet-lovers in your life or that you are 🙂 I hope you guys like this as much as I enjoy making them.

Until Sunday, remember to workwithit!

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