WorkWith Blank Canvas: DIY Coloring Canvas

Backstory: In light of my most recent birthday (this being several months ago now) I was given a gift card for Michael’s Arts and Crafts store. With it, I bought some 8×10 blank canvases ( they were on sale), watercolor paints, some paintbrushes and some blank DIY envelopes. It would be over two months later, that I would finally get around to using the canvas…which would actually be for this little crafty idea right here: creating your very own coloring canvas for yourself or even to give away.

I have grown up coloring and it has become certainly a nice pasttime for myself; however fueling my coloring passion can be a bit pricy for me these days. So, as I looked at the store-bought ones that I love, I figured why not just make my own ?

What I Used:

1 Permanent ( fine tipped) Black Sharpie

1 Blank Canvas

Stencil ( if you want to simply draw something, you can do that too…I just happen not to be good at drawing so I just stuck with the stencill).

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Just take your stencil ( or stencils) and your permanent marker and trace the design that you want on your canvas.

Step 2) Color it in yourself to be framed or give it to someone in your life who will add color to it themselves.


And there you have it! This was not really a project at all, just a small little idea if you have some blank canvas laying around and you just do not know what to do with them. What I really like about this idea is that you can really make it personalized to your own coloring taste or the person whom you are giving it too.

Until Wednesday, workwithit!


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