WorkWith A Magazine: Personal & Quirky Bookmarks

Backstory: The other day I was feeling quite exhausted so I decided to get in my bed to just relax but then I started to marvel at the idea of creating some bookmarks out of some of the old paper media ( a concert magazine and an old bookmark for words). that I had. Instead of just thinking of creating them and remaining in my laziness, I decided to get out of bed to make them. The idea itself was not new as I had done these bookmarks quite some time ago but I wanted to bring the idea here to workwithit.

What I Used:

A Magazine

Light Pink and Hot Pink Cardstock Paper

Scissors & Staples & A Glue Stick


How It’s Done

Step 1) Take a ruler or something long/straight and cut out your bookmark using the cardstock paper


Step 2) Get a magazine and find words and/or statements that stand out to you to use for your bookmark(s), cut these words out. You will use these words to make a statement that means something to you.


Step 3) Glue the words that matter to you onto your bookmark. * It is optional at this step for a laminated effect that you can place a piece of clear moving tape on top ( so that it is wide enough to cover the whole bookmark). You can also choose to uniquely cut your bookmark however you please…


Step 4) Staple a ribbon tie onto the top of the bookmark.


And there you have it!

Your own personalized and unique to you bookmark for all of the wonderful books out there that we all have yet to discover and delve into.



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