WorkWith Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough: Heart-Shaped Valentines Treats

Backstory:  This past weekend I was going back and forth in my head whether I should get some take-home sugar cookies to bake, some M&M’s peanuts or some Vanilla Ice Cream and hence, the title…the sugar cookie dough by Pillsbury won out the rest. The idea of having soft, chewy warm sugar cookies, my absolute favorite, excited me so much that I decided to bake 12 of them before dinner that same day. Then the next day, I decided to workwithit to make some Heart-shaped cookies in light of Valentines Day approaching us so soon.


What I Used:

1 Pillsbury Sugar Cookie ( pre-cut package) of 24 cookies (2.50)

Some Red Candied Sprinkles ( already had)

Parchment paper + Cookie sheet

Powdered Sugar ( 3/4 cup)

Water ( 1 tablespoon)

Vanilla Extract

How it’s Done:

To make the quick glaze:

Step 1) Add the powdered sugar and  water to a bowl and and stir until mixture reaches desired consistency, then add in a drop of Vanilla extract to the bowl.

Making the Cookie bags: 

Step 1: Take one of the cookie dough cut-outs and roll it out on your parchment paper,  fold it to make a heart, then place it on your cookie sheet. * Now this step can be as precise or simple as you want to make it, mine ended up becoming very flat and the heart shape was not as pronounced but one can still tell that it was a heart. You can make these cookies as little or big as you like.

Step 2: Once finished making your desire amount, sprinkle candied sprinkles onto cookies and put into preheated oven at 350 degrees until golden brown.


Step 3: Decorate with glaze of your choice or icing of your choice and put into fridge for icing to harden up . * I was insistent on using what I had but you can always take this step to the next level by making a sweet buttercream icing to top your cookies with.


Step 4: Take a ziploc bag and cut off the zip (seamed) part, place your cookie in the bag and tie with a ribbon.

And there you have it! So, you may be thinking that this was not much of an idea but the reason why I wanted to share it with you is because the only thing I bought for this particular venture was the Pillsbury cookie dough and that was not even bought with this idea in mind. I just looked in my pantry for what I had and still wanted to make something useful and considerate out of it. It took me no time at all to be thoughtful. This Valentine’s day, I just want to encourage you to go for what you already have if you can not afford to invest in buying things.

♥ Until Sunday ♥



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