WorkWith Denim Jeans: Mini Pocket Purse + Pouch

Backstory: Last month, my boss had a meeting at work to discuss work updates and protocols and apparently, there was the mention of having jeans with sizeable holes being unacceptable. Now, personally, I do not buy jeans with large holes/excessive rips because I just feel that I am already paying enough that, there should be mostly fabric but I have had these jeans for quite some time ( did not buy them new) and decided that I would finally retire them and workwithit to create a small coin purse + a little wallet/pouch.

What I Used:

An Old Pair of Denim Jeans…

Glue Gun ( Hot)


How It’s Done ( The Small Purse)

Step 1) Cut out the back pocket of your pants* Be careful of the seams or you could cut into what will be your purse. It is optional that once you cut your pocket out, you can decorate it but me being plain jane, I preferred not to.

Step 2) Take your string/ribbon of choice, braid it in a twist or three strand braid (I did this), then knot the bottom so that you can hot glue each side to the back of the purse.


How It’s Done ( The Pouch)

Step 1) Go towards the pant leg of your pants and cut off a section ( up then down). * I say that when I cut mine, it was no longer than my hand


Step 2) Take the end of your piece of pants and fold it up so that you can glue it down to the back of the purse.


Step 3) Fold down the top (inside out) of your piece as far as you would like and glue the inside of the folded pieces to your purse. You can decorate the pouch at this point of leave it, as is.


And you are done! This would be a great activity for kids or just anyone looking to do something with those pants that we just can not depart with.

Until next time



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