WorkWith Old Journal: Handy-Dandy Birthday Book

Backstory: Personally, I love birthdays because without them, none of us would be here today. Unfortunately, as much as I love them, I have a hard time remembering the days for various individuals in my life; my own Mother is one of them. However, I know that I am not the only one and because I am not the only one, I thought I would create a DIY handy dandy ( hence, the reference to Blues Clues) birthday book. Since I was not about to go out to buy a journal/small book for this project, I decided to workwith an old journal that a good friend of mine gave to me but that I never ended up writing pass a few pages in. Here’s to remembering birthdays: 

What I Used:

1 Old Journal

Stamps (Optional: you can use any type of decorative material that you want, I just love stamps as they substitute for my poor hand-writing and lack of drawing skills).

How It’s Done:

Now this is not quite a DIY/craft project because really this book will be everything that YOU make it to be but I will tell you the process of how I created my book and you can go from there:

Step 1) Take your old journal and tear out the previous pages of writing ( If they matter to you, save them….but if they don’t, toss them on out).

Step 2) Decorate the cover of your book in what works best for you. My design is super simple but there are a thousands ways you can make it yours. Stencils, unique penmanship, stamps ( like I did), drawing, etc etc).

Step 3) Call up your family, friends & whoever else you want in your book and start adding them to your book. For me, I decided to stamp each person’s name on a single page  along with their birthday date. You can do whatever you like.


And there you have it!


This book I am sure all of…well some of us like myself need in our lives so that we never look bad again as we forget to wish someone a happy birthday, get the birthday date wrong or whatever other scenario we might find ourselves in. Also, just as a suggestion, youu can even make one of these and give to your family members ( like ask your aunt’s, cousins, uncles, sisters, etc etc etc etc) and give them as a gift…that way whenever that person wants to look up a birthday, they can open their book and look or add in more members themselves (extended family, mother in laws, their friends, etc etc, etc).

Until next time, let there be no more shame in the birthday game!


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