WorkWith Value Pack Blank Cards : A Little Storybook

Backstory: I do not know what it is but I want to say that most of the times when I go to Michael’s, I end up at least eyeing these Value Pack of blank cards that come in cream, white and I think a darker brown color. Perhaps initially I always see so much potiental in what I could do with them…only to later have them go to waste or be thrown away. BUT I am proud to say, NOT THIS TIME. I decided to workwithit to create little storybooks.

What I Used:

3 Value Pack Blank Cards ( the smaller ones), but they do come in multiple sizes

Hot Glue Gun ( I wanted to use staples but I could not find mine but using a stapler is a fine alternative)

Stamps/Ink ( optional). Use whatever you would like to decorate/write in your book ( Crayons, color pencils, markers, etc).

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take your cards and fold them in half ( use as many cards as you would like depending on how big you want your book to be)

Step 2) Before binding your book together, go ahead and write/decorate the pages as you please. * It can be a bit more difficult to draw/write on an already binded book so write your little story, color your little book;etc.

Step 3) Take a hot glue gun ( starting with your cover card), glue together each card in the middle. Make sure the order is correct before you glue it together.* I did not and let’s just say ” The End” is actually before the end ;p

And tadaaa!

The sky really is the limit with these little books and you do not have to limit them to just these blank cards, you can use any kind of notecards/small cards to create small, personalized little books. If you were going to name your little book anything, what would it be titled and what would it be about ? Let me know in the comment section below ♥

Until next time, stayworking ~


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