WorkWith Toilet Paper Rolls: Flower Wall Decor

Backstory: So, while I do not think that this idea is anything new, I still wanted to workwith these toilet paper rolls that have been sitting in the corner of my room to make some floral art for my bare-white walls. Honestly, I could have continued to go further up creating a flower wall but I decided to stick with three just to get the idea across.

What I Used:

Two Toliet Paper Rolls + One Paper Towel Roll


Any adhesive ( tape, glue, hot glue gun, staples, etc)

How It’s Done

Step 1) Take your rolls and paint them in the color that you please ( let them fully dry before you start cutting)

Step 2) Cut out (horizontally) several strips and arrange them in the flower shape of your preference ( I used five strips each flower but each to it’s own). You will then staple/tape/glue them together so that your flower will stay.


Step 3) Tie a piece of string through your flower and arrange in ascending arrangment on your wall. You can use wall tacs or just plain ol tape 🙂

And there you have it!


With some patience, these cute flowers really could girlify a room; I think even in a baby room would be pretty cute and they cost you practically nothing to make. So, it’s a win-win situation: recycling which is good for everybody and some do it yourself wall-decor 🙂

Until next time, stay working!



4 thoughts on “WorkWith Toilet Paper Rolls: Flower Wall Decor

    1. Hey Zoe,

      Thanks for commenting with your thoughts. I think everyone can find some use for those accumulating toilet paper ( or paper towel) rolls that we are all so quick to throw away.

      ~ Bre


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