WorkWithIt Take It Back Wednesday: The Most

Good Wednesday to you all  and welcome to the first takeitback Weeednesday!

Once a month or so, I thought it would be nice just to look back to to reminiscence about a project or few that stood out for whatever reason that may be. So, let’s get started: 

Most Liked ( Viewer’s Choice based on like-count as of this post):


It was interesting to me that the most liked post so far was the DIY Blank Canvas one; though it is currently tied with the Unique Bookmarks and the Roll, Dip & Go Cake Pops following closely. What made it interesting for me is that this DIY was in my opinion one of the most simple ideas that I have had.Sometimes, okay most times I associate goodness with complexity and averageness with simplicity but really, sometimes the simple things can be the best things.

Most Motivating:


I think the most motivating craft that I have completed thus far was the Unique & Quirky bookmarks that I completed. The reason why I say these were the most motivating was because I was just lying on my bed one afternoon “wishing” that I could create them but as usual, I was going to put making them off because I did not have X and Z but it only dawned on me then, that that was exactly what workwithit was not about. It’s not perfect, it’s far from it but the point is not the pursuit for perfection in creation but contentment in creation. That’s when I got my behind out of bed and did what I cooooooould do.

Most Useful:


The most useful craft that I have shared so far has been the Birthday Book. Admittedly, I have realized that this book can become useless if one just lets it sit and never looks at it because then birthdays will keep passing but one won’t have any idea sooo I guess it’s more of a memory Birthday book. None the less, I just love how this book came out of a book that was so scarcely used to something useful and at least practical.

Most Exciting:

Featured Image -- 709

While it’s a pretty close tie between the Denim Choker and the Hello Kitty Tutu, because the tutu is still hanging in my closet despite my inability to wear it, it wins as the most exciting. It was a Friday night and while I am sure making a tutu was not what many people my age was doing, I had a goood time making it. Paper everywhere…..going back and forth to find better lighting for taking pictures…my desk was a cluttered mess but I really was proud of the results. It was my first post here and hopefully not my last.

Overall, I have had a lot of fun creating and bringing these ideas to the blogging world; even though sometimes I may have been dragging my feet to start them. I am getting something out of this blog because it helps me build contentment AND helps me to not be lazy because I want to keep posting no matter what. Anyhow, have you had a favorite craft that you’ve seen thus far ? Or if you have any suggestions, comments or questions, comment below with your thoughts ?

Until Sunday, stay working, stay withit!


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