WorkWithIt: What’s In My Craft Drawer ?

Hi There!

Today, I wanted to do something a bit different and share with you guys what is in my craft drawer. Now, the nature of workwithit is more so contingent on working on what I have ( and you) before going out to purchase things for a project; though at times it may be necessary to do so….therefore my craft drawer may be semi-underwelming at the moment but I wanted to share anyway. So, here we go ( and nothing is off-limits…not that anything in there would be off-limits material = D).


Okay, so I really am not sure why this is in there except for the fact that it is accessible to me when I am laying in bed ( dot dot dot)….even though I have not used it once.


That pink book would be my bible which is usually not in this drawer but on my desk…which it will be returning to very soon. And staples…but no stapler to be found.



These two have been sitting in my drawer for weeeeks now…probably since late last year, honestly but I just have not got around to coloring them. I love Johanna’s work but a little takes me foreveeraaa.


Canvas for days…my friend…


Soooo, I loooove the dollar ( or two) section in Target that is usually located up front when you come in; I especially love the notecards! For a dollar, they have so many different ones as the year goes by. I do have more than these two sets…I just need to be reunited with them.


I can explain….the tissue was for my paintbrushes and the little envelope held my room key.


That card happens to be a Christmas card from 2016, well one of my Christmas cards along with others, that I did not hand out this year. Typically, each year I like to keep at least one copy of my Christmas cards…just because.


A book on Humility, a stencil with a dent, a recycled gift bag ( I gave to a friend then she gave it back to me and I am going to give it to someone) and confetti tissue paper because you just never know when you’ll need it, right ?



Annnnd we’ll conclude this post with some a ball of string…or is it yarn…that I can not wait to finish because it has been with me for too long and the colors aren’t too useful.

I also had some Ring Pops, an envelope full of receipts from the Post Office annd an  awesome Watercolor set that strangely I thought I took a picture of but it never made it in the uploads. So, tell me, what is in your craft drawer ?


~ Bre

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