MoveIt Mondays: Not A Spirit Of Fear

Good Monday to you all and welcome to the first MoveIt Monday 🙂

About twice a month on Mondays, I just want to bring  you guys a word of encouragement and gracefullness that will encourage,  build us up and move us in the way that he ( God) would have us to do so; and the direction of God is always up…never down. So as for today, the main message that I want to share is in one of my life verses-  2 Timothy 1: 7. It says:

“For GOD has NOT given us a spirit of fear , but of power, of love and a sound mind”

Man, I love this verse because it clearly shows what God has for us: not fear but the things greater than it. Sometimes, especially as the fearful person that I am, I know that I remain stagnant in times of opportunity because of my fear. That being said, though there is certainly a time for stillness, stillness that is the result (outcome) of fear is NOT what God has for us. God wants us to be still and to heed to his will and fear, my friends, is not in it.

In my own life, I struggle with fear on a daily basis, whether it’s fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of driving, …fear…fear..FEAR but I know that it does not come from God nor is it what he has for me ( or you); it is an inhibition to far greater things: joy, faith, love, a sound mind ( peacefulness), living and most importantly: God. We can’t act in the will of God if we are acting in fear…and we can put a period at the end of that.

But, as for me ( and yes, you, whoever is reading this), we do not have to stay in fear, we can and have to try to move ourselves up out of it because surely we were not meant and are not called to live in it. So, for the upcoming week, I just want to say that fear is real and it was created for a reason but don’t be directed nor guided by it, be aware and bigger than fear because God is bigger than anything you may be fearing.

~ WorkWithIt ♥ it is often that we say we can’t, but the reality is just that we won’t



2 thoughts on “MoveIt Mondays: Not A Spirit Of Fear

  1. Definitely a message I needed to read at this particular time in my life. So poignant that I’ve found and read this before church. A wonderful post. Thank you for sharing this and may it continue to be exactly what others need to read.

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    1. Good Morning to you,

      Thank you so much for commenting with your thoughts and taking the time to read this post; truly that is my intent with these post. I am glad that the message resonated with you because coming from me, an imperfect example, I know that I need to work on this.

      Have a blessed Sunday ~

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