WorkWith Fake Flowers: Flower Canvas Wall-Art

Backstory: So, I had originally planned to post a different craft today, specifically how to make this bow garland, but after reverting it back to a draft, the whole thing was questionably deleted so I have to rewrite that post again. That being said, I’ve been wanting to do this idea for quite some time but I just have not been able to get my hands on fake flowers. I have thought about it as I looked at them in the store but I was just being too cheap to buy anything other than the food that I actually needed. However, I have so many canvas boards that I just decided to take one and use a real flower for the time being just to convey my idea here and to show you how to workwith a blank canvas and flowers to create something that is simply lovely; in my opinion at least.

What I Used:

Fake Flowers ( As many or little as you’d like: honestly on a bigger scale, I am sure this could be very pretty to add a whole plethora of flowers onto a canvas)

Hot Glue Gun

Canvas Board ( I used an 8×10 board)

Watercolor Paint

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take your canvas and paint it to your likings ( you can adjust it) after you have glued the flower but it is best to do it before hand


Step 2) Glue your flower in the way that you want to onto the canvas. * Now I used a real flower for this which looked nice but was not lasting. If you want it to last, definitely stick with the fake flower or else, it will just fall a part.

Step 3) Do any finishing touches of paint/additions to your canvas ( lettering, more paint, etc).

Step 4) You can either get custom framing, wire the canvas as is to be placed on your wall or glue your canvas into the backing of a 8×10 frame so that you may put it onto your wall like so.


And you are done!

I really wish I could have saved this piece because I was surprised with how well it turned out. Funny thing is, my roommate had these fake flowers in the living room that had been sitting in a vase forever and I was seriously debating on whether I should just use those ( just one strand) for this project but I just never got around to doing so. As for next time, I think that I will just head to the dollar store to pick up a few just to make things easier.

Until next time, remember that what you have does not determine where you will go, what you think does.


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