WorkWith A Blank Canvas: Friendship Frame

Backstory: The other day I was tidying up my craft drawer a little bit and I saw this used canvas that I knew I was not going to do anything with so I proceeded to throw it into the trash. However, looking at it as it was faced down in the trash, I realized that it had the potential to become a picture frame. So, I decided to workwith a blank canvas again and here’s what I got:

What I Used:

Blank 8×10 canvas board ( got these on sale at Michael’s )

5×7 Photo or card

Paint + Decorative material (optional)


Piece of cardboard ( fold in half like a card) or cardstock notecard

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Paint the back of your frame any color that you want and add any decorative material to your canvas-to-frame. * You can choose to paint the back if you’d like 🙂

Step 2) Once dry, glue or tape your folded piece of cardboard or notecard to your frame so that it may stand up by itself on your desk or wherever you want to put the frame.


Step 3) Glue or tape your photo or card of choice into your frame. * Glue would work better but because I wanted to rotate the cards, I just decided to tape it down.

And there you go!


Admittedly, it did not turn out as nice as I would have hoped ( then I am so impatient, maybe it could have ;p) but perhaps this will give you an idea as to what to make on your own.

Until next time, remember that you already have what you need, you just need to want what you already have 🙂

~ Bre


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