WorkWith Water Bottles: Easy, Peasy Pencil Holder

Backstory: You don’t really realize, at least I did not, how wasteful it can be to go through water bottles; especially if you do not recycle and for myself, frankly I did not recycle for a long time and even now, I just find myself going back and forth. One water bottle in the recycle bin…another in the regular trash.  So, I figured why not put a bottle to use and to resurface an idea that I have yeaaars ago to make Pencil Holders by workingwith all of these empty water bottles. It really takes no time at all and I think it is a great idea for kids.

What I Used:

Empty Water Bottles


Other decorative material

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Carefully cut off the top of your water bottle by poking  a hole in the side of the bottle. *Now some bottles are made with a softer plastic but some are a bit harder, if working with kids, it might be best for this to be done previously.


Step 2) Take off the branding sticker around the bottle and start decorating to your likings.

And like that, you are done! A water bottle put to some use, other than holding your water.


Have a great day, ♥ you already have what you need, you just need to want what you already have ~

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