WorkWith Mason Jars: DIY 3-Way Popcorn Jars for Party Favors

Backstory: Honestly, I do not quite remember how this little creation came about but I was just thinking of creating a DIY popcorn tin myself since I had some Orville Cheddar Popcorn. As usual, I did not have the means to go out nor to get somewhere to a buy a “tin” so I looked into what I had and thought of workingwith A Mason Jar, instead.

What I Used:

1 Medium Sized Mason Jar ( This is what I had but you can use a small, medium, large…whatever you have).

Popcorn ( All I had was regular popcorn + the cheddar but you make them to YOUR preferences…Chocolate Drizzle, Caramel, Kettle Korn)

1 Note Card

Decorative Material ( Optional)

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take 1 notecard and fold each side inward, then tape/glue the middle together, leave the flaps loose.

Step 2) Take this time to cut your notecard (divider) to fit inside of your jar with the lid closed. *I had to cut the length and the width of my divider so that it could fit fully into my jar.

Step 4) Now for the fun part, place your popcorn into each section * Make sure everything is clean (including your hands) because this jar is a ready to eat treat after all.

Step 5) Add on your decorative material or keep your jar plain, jane style.

And wala! You are done!


If we are talking quantity wise, sure there may not be a lot of popcorn in the jar ( at least one that is small-medium) but I feel that this totally would be a cute party-favor treat. You can use colored/patterned notecards, all sorts of popcorn..I know I would be happy to receive a jar like this, wouldn’t you ?

Until the next post, ā™„ just because we wouldn’t do, doesn’t mean we couldn’t do ā™„

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