MoveIt Mondays: If your going to go for it, GO for it.

Hey Everybody & welcome back to another edition of MoveIt Mondaaay’s.

Now, I am so guilty of what I wanted to talk about today but I want to talk about it because even though it is a struggle of mine, it is not where I want to stay nor something that I want my life to be an example of, but an example from.

  • How many times have we started something but not finished it ?
  • How many times have we said we wanted to do something but never got around to it ?
  • How many of us are still talking about the same things we talked about doing months ago ?

And we wonder why we do not have anything to show, not for others but to remind ourselves what commitment ( and it’s results) looks like, what responsibility looks like, what discipline looks like and so on. This leads me to say that, for me at least, half the time I am wishing that I could do something or have something or be something and the reality is not that I could not do it but I am lacking in motivation, will, discipline and drive to do something about it and to be consistent.

You know, God does not want us to do things halfheartedly because it does not line up with who he is and how he seeks for us to do our work ( anything) unto him. However, why do we keep insisting on acting halfheartedly with our lives. We want to learn how to do X and we are really passionate about it for a week and then we drop off. We want to create this and we are excited and energetic to do so, but then that enthusiasm wears off. I could go on and on but that’s not my point here, my point here is that I am sure I don’t want my life to be that, none of us do. But it is up to us to do something about it. God provides and exceeds but what are we doing as we walk along the path ? Are we pulling what we can down the entire path or just pulling until we get tired, only to turn around to where we were at: still doing nothing and with nothing to show.

So, let me encourage us all this week to go for it and to GO for it. Even if you can not necessarily do something or have something then and there, are our attitudes and actions leading us in the right direction so that we can ?

WorkWithIt ♥ if we refuse to start anywhere then we refuse to get somewhere ♥

~ Bree


4 thoughts on “MoveIt Mondays: If your going to go for it, GO for it.

  1. YES! Adore this message and it has spurred me on this Monday. I have a few unfinished tasks to complete for today and I will be doing them and having something to show for it at the end. Consistency is key!

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