WorkWith Mason Jars: Enchanting Rose Jars

Backstory: This craft project was not exactly what I had in mind to do initially; I just was walking through the dollar store to try to find something to fit into the Mason jar that I had and thought, why not put a flower in the jar to create some sort of, kind of Beauty and The Beast Inspired craft. Though I have not seen the new 2017 live-action version of the Disney film, I absolutely love the original 1991 version so this project is in memory of that one.


What I Used:

1 Mason Jar ( you can use any size or tint of jar that you please, of course)

Gold Glitter

Fake Rose Flowers


How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take your fake rose flower and cut the stem until it can fit into your jar ( top down) with the lid closed. Once your flower is cut, sprinkle in some of your glitter.

Step 2) Fill your jar with water completely to the top and add in more glitter


Just screw the lid on tightly and you are done!

This project truly is simple & fun but lovely at the same time. Personally, what I would like to do is buy a blue tinted mason jar, with silver glitter and a white rose and to do the same thing for like a Winter Wonderland. Anyhow, I think this can be a cute DIY project for a Beauty & The Beast birthday party or whatever occasion, really.

Workwithit ~ Bre


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