WorkWith Plastic Easter Eggs: Egg Lip Balms

Backstory: Sometimes I am not sure what to create next and I just need to intentionally think about how and what I desire to work with in order to bring something to the table here. So, I entered ” Easter Egg Hunts” into my search engine, went to google images and intended to just stare at the images until I came up with something. That is when it hit me that I could put some lip balm into one of the caps and call it an egg balm. There is a similar and actual product alike this craft BUT this is an 1) Easter Egg, 2)  a DIY, 3) I think this would make a cute Easter basket surprise.

What I Used:


Flavoring/Extract ( if you want your balm to have a scent, just add in a flavor of choice, I added in some Vanilla extract but you do whatever you’d like).

Plastic Easter Eggs ( The more you pay, the more sturdy/quality/decorative your balms will be and there is plenty to choose from, I just went with what was budget friendly for me).

How It’s Done

Step 1) Place some Vaseline in the microwave or heat it up by placing bowl in hot water until consistency becomes more loose ( make sure you check on it in increments).


Step 2) Now add in your extract + food coloring (optional) and stir until both is well incorporated.

Step 3) Make sure mixture is not “hot” and pour/scoop into bottom half of Easter Egg and then place into fridge/freezer until mixture has firmed up. * Now recycling a egg carton will help this process be easier because they will automatically stand up but do what you can with what you have.

You are done!


Until next time, Happy Easter and yes, Happy Resurrection Day first and foremost!





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