WorkWith Cupcake Liners: Sweet Confetti-Filled Popcorn Treats

Hello Everyone & Happy Saturday to you all ~

Typically, I do not post on Saturday’s but because tomorrow is Easter Sunday, I thought I would share what would be tomorrow’s post today. In regards to Sunday, Happt Ressurection Day. On the third day he ( Jesus Christ, our Savior) rises up and conquered death.  He who created life also prevails death which shows his power: the one who is mighty to save any one of us who chooses to confess & accept him. If I could be of any support to you in wanting to know more, please feel free to comment below.

As for today’s post:

Backstory: This idea really was a spur of the moment decision as I had this small bag of regular popcorn in my pantry and my confetti sprinkles already out…so I just decided to workwith them both to create a fun, colorful popcorn treat.

What I Used:

1 small bag of popcorn

Confetti Sprinkles

Vanilla Glaze or Melted Chocolate ( I made my own but I would also think that buying some “buttercream” Vanilla icing from the store and melting some in the microwave would do just the same thing).

How It’s Done ( and there’s really nothing to it):

Step 1) Pop yourself a bag of popcorn and pour popcorn into a bowl


Step 2) Drizzle your Vanilla ( that you melted) into the bowl, add some confetti sprinkles, then toss around and do again and again until entire bowl of popcorn is well coated with drizzle and sprinkles.

Step 3) Take small handfuls of popcorn and put into your cupcake liners and place into fridge if needed to firm up the drizzle quickly.


BAM, surprise, and wala: a fun little party treat!



Until next time,




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