WorkWith Water Bottles: Fully Recyclable Sun-catcher

Gooood Morninnng!

Backstory: This sun-catcher was actually a craft project that I created quite some years ago as an entry into an Earth Day contest ( That I did not win…but then I am not sure if I ever entered it : D ) but nevertheless, I wanted to recreate the craft to share it with you guys here to commemorate Earth Day as it coming up this weekend on April 22nd. For me, Earth day is a celebration of the creation that God put forth being the Earth; it is the only home that sustains human life and I am appreciative of him God, the one who predestined it for us.

What I Used:

7 Water Bottles ( more or less depends on how large you want your sun-catcher to be)

Paint ( You can also use markers, I used Sharpies previously)

1 Plastic Grocery Bag

Ribbon ( optional)

A strip of tape

How It’s Done:

Creating the pedals:

Step 1) Take your water bottles and poke a small hole with a pen into the top cap. * Please be careful doing this as the harder the plastic, the harder it will be to poke a hole into the cap.

Step 2) Paint the top parts of your water bottles * It does not need to be perfect


Step 3) Now once the paint has dried, cut off the top of each water bottle * See where the mark is on my bottle 🙂

Step 4) In a curve motion ( S), cut around each of your water bottle. * It should resemble like a cross between a fan/pedal-like shape as you push back each S.

Creating the rope that your pedals will go on:

Step 1) Simply, take a grocery bag and cut off one side of the bag


Step 2) Then cut the one side binding top/bottom creating a flat bag and cut into three strands

Step 3) Braid the three strands together by tying a knot at the top ( or bottom) and braid down.

Creating the suncatcher

Step 1) Place one flower pedal top down, down your braided rope through the hole in the cap


Step 2) Add your other pedals facing UP all onto your rope. * Adjust your pedals spacing/the pedals themselves by just moving them around to your liking


Step 3) Once to the top, loop the remainder of the braided bag rope into a loop and either knot it ( if you have enough bag-rope left) or just take a piece of tape and wrap it around the bottom of the loop.  *At this step, you can add and tie a mall ribbon through the loop and you are done…


Workwithit ♥ Just Because You Chose Not To, Did Not Mean You Could Not ♥



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