WorkWith Empty Ice Cream Container: Small Bathroom Basket

Backstory: After I made my first bucket-up-do, I was edging to make another one with a different kind of container that had recently came available: an Ice Cream container. Now, I do not think this type of craft would work with any ice cream container that is in the form of a cardboard/hard paper-like container but with  all of the plastic ones, I don’t think I will waste another Ice Cream container again….or maybe I will simply because I do not want to become a hoarder….seriously craft-people problems ;P

What I Used:

1 Empty Ice Cream Container


Fake Flowers

How It’s Done:

Alike the other bucket that I did, this is not really a step by step, how-to kind of post as I just want to share it here to encourage and inspire others to work with what they are most likely to already have.

First, I painted the ice cream container a ” Blue Cotton” shade and then did streaks of white while the paint was still white. Surprisingly, the print on the container was not nearly as obvious as I thought it would be.

Then I cut some fake flowers that I had ( it did not dawn on me until recently that since they are built with WIRE, how hard it would be to cut them but anyway…), I glued three of these flowers to the front.

And I was done!

The Before & After

What I love about making these decorative containers is just how versatile they can be. Whether you want to create sort of holding basket, some kind of gift basket or just a cute little desk bin, you can at practically no cost to you. On a bright note, at least us ice cream lovers can look forward to eating the ice cream and then once it is gone, creating something with that empty container that lays before our gloomy eyes.

WorkWithIt: Make it yours, Make It Work ♥


4 thoughts on “WorkWith Empty Ice Cream Container: Small Bathroom Basket

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thank You! I think I may make this ( Bucket Makeovers) a thing on my channel because truly there is potential for all of the empty containers that one goes through ( well, at least for some and sometimes) :).

      Have a blessed day!


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