WorkWith Hand-held Mirror: Whimsy Fairy Mirror

Backstory: I am sure that many of us have seen those beautiful & enchanting hand-held mirrors and brushes in those fairy-tale sort of movies. Well, I figured that I could workwith a regular & bland one to create an enchantingly whimsical one just by using a few decorative faux flowers. I will say that the process of decorating the mirror certainly developed as I actually made this craft. That being said, I would love to do more so a blue, butterfly/filigree inspired mirror in the future so let me know if you would like to see that,

What I Used:

1 Hand-held Mirror

Fake Roses ( I chose White, Yellow & white with a fuchsia-like trim).

Paint ( I used a blue cotton color)

Hot Glue Gun

How It’s Done:

Step 1) If you do not like the color of the base of your mirror, paint it in the color of your choice.

Step 2) If necessary, cut your flowers from the bouquet. * Pay attention to how you would like your mirror to be decorated because this may mean cutting them stem completely off or shorter, etc). I laid my flowers out on my bed to get an idea of what pattern I would be interested in doing.


Step 3) Using your hot glue gun, glue on your decorative flowers around the perimeter of your mirror. Use your glue gun to also glue down any loose pieces. * I did not really show this part but I feel it is certainly going to be a personalized step


Step 4) Using the leftover leaves from your bouquet, glue them onto the handle.



You are done!

So, this project did not turn out how I had it envisioned but because we are not about perfect execution but just execution of creating, I wanted to share it nonetheless. I think it’s something that is reminiscent of a fairy that kids would love to make. What do you think ?

♥ WorkWithIt ♥ Make It Yours, Make It Work♥




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