WorkWith Empty Bucket: Cute Gift Basket

Good Morning to you & Welcome to our first BONUS Friday post!

Backstory: The other day at my job, we ran out of some marshmallow puff and as I washed this perfectly, in tact bucket, I thought to myself that I could workwith it to make it purposeful for something in my life. So, I bagged it up, ran to the dollar store to grab a few accessories and here I am sharing with you guys my bucket makeover 🙂

What I Used:

1 Empty Bucket ( Try not to buy one, I am pretty sure that there is some kind of bucket around you that could be used)

Paint ( Optional)

Tulle ( Optional)

How It’s Done:

There really is NOT one way to do this kind of craft because it really is about using what you can to make your basket yours. I used paint, ribbon, homemade tulle bows and these faux plastic butterflies but you can make it your own by using whatever you would like. So, today I am just going to just share with you the process in making mine as a way to inspire and encourage you to make your own.

First, I decided to match the bucket with the butterflies and bows that I would add to it so I painted it yellow/turquoise-like blue ( it reminded me of a beach ball honestly ;p)

Then I just hot glued the tulle bows on, all around the top rim of the bucket

Next, I added on the faux butterflies…


And I was done 🙂

The Before & After:

Sure, this bucket may not be anything too special but it cost me barely nothing to make and I am sure that I can find something to put into it and one can easily find a way to make it into a gift basket. The sky is the limit in terms of decor..stencils, designs, markers, ribbon, rhinestomes (gems), glitter, etc etc!

WorkWithIt : Make it Yours, Make It Work ♥


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