WorkWith Butterfly Stickers: Pillar of Butterflies Nightlight

Backstory: Initially, I wanted to do this idea with stars to create a starry night-like situation but I went to Wal-Mart and noticed that they were out of stars except one sheet, which was more expensive so I decided to just workwith butterflies instead. What I got, in my opinion, came out quite pretty. I would have loved to get a automatic rotating display so that the butterflies could fly ( circle) around the room but I could not afford one and frankly that is not what we are about here: limitations because what we do not have or can not have. So, let’s get started, shall we ?

What I Used:

1 Wide-Mouth Candle Jar

Butterfly Stickers

1 Lid

LED Multicolor light candle

1 Empty tulle spool

How It’s Done

Step 1) First, take your candle jar and on the outside, stick your butterflies stickers all around the jar

Step 2) Take your spool and paint it the color of your choice; I chose to paint mine white 🙂


Step 3) Glue the lid underneath the candle jar, then glue the lid with the candle jar now onto the top of the tulle spool.

Step 4) Place & turn on your LED light into the center of the jar



WorkWithIt ♥ Make It Yours, Make It Work ♥

~ Bre

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