WorkWith Old Floral Skirt: Cute Bow Bracelet

Backstory: You don’t have to have a lot to create and sometimes we don’t need to have any more than what we already have; just a will to make something out of what appears to be nothing. The other day, I made this little purse out of this old Forever 21 skirt that I had and I was determined to see more of the leftover fabric used for something. So, after googling through girl/fashion accessories trying to gain some inspiration, I decided to make a bow bracelet.

What I Used:

1 Old Skirt



Hot Glue Gun

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Cut off the top rim (seam) of the skirt and try to clean up the stray ends the best that you can.

Step 2) Take the rim and cut it to fit around your wrist, then glue the ends together. * Make sure that it is loose enough to not only fit on your wrist but on/off of your hand too


Step 3) Using leftover/excess fabric, just cut off a straight piece and form into a bow. All you have to do to form a bow is make the fabric into a cure ( loop) symbol and bring down the top of the loop to the middle of the loop. Tie the middle with a small piece ribbon.

Step 3) Cut off a small, straight piece of additional fabric and glue around the center of your bow, covering the ribbon part.

Step 4) Glue the bow onto the top of your wristband and there you have it!

Cute, simple and it cost absolutely nothing to make ( other than the purchase of the skirt…and I got this skirt from a friend actually, so it was for free). I wanted to share this crafty project, not because I am expecting people to duplicate it but more so because it is just exemplifies exactly what I am about here, working with what we already have! What do you think ?

WorkWithIt ♥ Make it Yours, Make It Work ♥




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