” We are not plagued by what we do not have but just motivated to work with what we do”the embodiment of this blog.

Hi, I’m Bre and welcome to my labor of love, WorkWithIt.

Sometimes, one of our greatest limitations to discovering how creative we can be comes not from what we do not have but that which we choose to overlook in what we already do have; this really is the embodiment of my craft blog. Workwithit is about encouraging creativity, which can be more so encouraged by greater contentment by working with what we have. There are times where sometimes we feel that we can’t get anywhere further than our current state but this is often not because we do not have but because we do not choose to think differently and therefore do differently. With Workwithit, the main objective is to encourage and remind us all of just how much we can do with what God has already provided us with; mindfully ,inwardly and creatively.

I hope to:

Give: others an outlet for having fun and a break from our ever so serious lives

Make: people smile and realize the potential that is around them and more importantly within them

Inspire: others to create with what they have already been given, mindfully and literally.


creator of workwithit ( also known as Bre)

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