WorkWithIt, Girl Yearly Recap, Gratitude and Goals!

On January 25th, 2017, I started my journey here again for the umpteenth time. Here’s what we progressed to:

We started with 41 monthly views
We ended with 307 ( the highest being this month)

We started with 1 post
We ended up with 77 (as of today )

We started with 1 follower
We ended with 100 followers ( Thank you, thank you, thank you).

Being a blogger, it’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and better yet, what everyone else has that sometimes, we begin to neglect what can do and what we have. Sometimes, I definitely do fall into this…many times I do but looking at how far what God has “given” me has brought me, makes me proud. I am grateful for the passion for creating and creativity that the Lord has given me, the platform that is WordPress that he has allowed me to use year after year and the people who have stopped by to visit and/or express their thought(s) on one of my post.

One of the biggest values of this WorkWithIt, Girl is “contentment“; something that I struggle with daily and frankly, I even let my lack thereof of it stop me from blogging for a minute but I am glad I came backThere are truly gains in it….that being said, for the year of 2018, there are a few things I’d love to do:

  • I want to post every month & every week
  • I would love to be blessed with a publication elsewhere
  • I would love to invest in some way for this blog ( attending an event, buying a domain, whatever I might be able to do)
  • Interact more with the WordPress community
  • Double the monthly views
  • Post a video on YouTube

Sound’s like a lot, right ? But nothing’s impossible if its within the will of God and I am not lazy about pursing these goals. All in all, Thank you all for joining me in the first year of WorkWithIt, Girl. I thought of closing this blog down, as usual, but I am glad I didn’t. Onward to the first year anniversary we go!

WorkWithIt, Girl: As always, Make It Yours, Make It Work! See you in 2018 ( God willing). 


WorkWith Pancake Mix: Baked Pancakes Apple Slices Coated w/ Cinnamon Sugar

Gooood Friday to you& Happy Fall!

Backstory:  This idea originated from the idea to create a Sweet-Apple Dog ( instead of the corn dog) but with no frying oil, it just was not going to happen then and there. So, I figured that I would work with what I could do and some time later, I got this. Here’s what I used:

-Several Pre-cut Apple Slices
-Pancake Batter ( I have the “Complete Mix”, also known as Just Add Water Mix 🙂
-Cinnamon, Granulated Sugar, Brown Sugar mix
-Maple Syrup ( optional, I could have probably used butter too or something along those lines)

First, I made my pancake batter and proceeded to dip each apple slice inside of the batter, then on to the cookie tray. I did end up sprinkling some with some cinnamon (This probably would have been better to do before I dipped them in the batter but hey, learning here. In fact dip them in a bit of flour + cinnamon ( and nutmeg if you’d like):


Secondly, I popped them into the oven at 350 until bottom was brown and batter appeared fully cooked. After this, I proceeded to turn them upside down and browned the top in a hot skillet



Next, after I noticed that the sugar was not sticking to them, I simply coated them with some maple syrup, cinnamon sugar, then back into the oven to toast everything up and there you have it:



Take A Look: Honestly, I think they turned out quite tasty looking, I mean who doesn’t love a cinnamon-sugar coated dessert ?. I do think the maple syrup was applied a bit spotty so next time I rather just pour it over or just completely immerse them into the syrup but overall, it turned out fine to me.

Take A Smell: The aroma was pleasant and with fall being here ( At least in the U.S), I think it would be a nice treat if one added some nutmeg along with it

Take A Taste: I was not mad with how they turned out, I just wish I would had seasoned the apples before I dipped them into the batter so they would have a more distinguishable taste. Other than that, I am again, not mad…at all. I would love to give these a chance to be fried to add more of a crispy batter but the hot ( and softer apples) with their crust ( batter) with a load of sugar.
Of course, I hope this recipe inspired you to create ( or recreate) something of your own by working with the materials that you already have on hand.


Life’s Been Hard…

Hello and welcome, after so long, to WorkWithIt,Girl.

Initially, I was just going to start posting those posts in which I had saved in archives for oh, so long but I figured that I wanted to actually say something with mindfulness to the present day and where I have been. Honestly, things have been discouraging, disappointing and frustrating and at the same time, there have been moments of clarity and revelation. That being said, since the last time I posted here was in June, I moved out of my apartment to stay with a friend, my job of 2+ years ended after the store I was working at closed, I started a new job that I am somewhat very disappointed in and now, I am just contemplating where the Lord has me to go next.

I had plans, they did not go the way I expected…

I had ideas, but not the strength nor passion to do them…

I had hopes, but my own hopes did not come through….

It’s crazy of God’s timing sometimes and frankly, I just did not know what more I could do here nor did I have the enthusiasm nor mind-space to do anything more here. However, today I got an email from a site whom I submitted one of my crafts ideas too and they wanted to know if I would make my blog post public again ( after being unlisted for an amount of time). Maybe that meant something or maybe not, but I will allow it to be a push and encouragement to start here again, WorkWithItGirl.

I don’t have many ideas for crafts and creating right now but hopefully, I’ll be booming with ideas very soon!

~ Bree

WorkWith Cupcake Liners: Sweet Confetti-Filled Popcorn Treats

Hello Everyone & Happy Saturday to you all ~

Typically, I do not post on Saturday’s but because tomorrow is Easter Sunday, I thought I would share what would be tomorrow’s post today. In regards to Sunday, Happt Ressurection Day. On the third day he ( Jesus Christ, our Savior) rises up and conquered death.  He who created life also prevails death which shows his power: the one who is mighty to save any one of us who chooses to confess & accept him. If I could be of any support to you in wanting to know more, please feel free to comment below.

As for today’s post:

Backstory: This idea really was a spur of the moment decision as I had this small bag of regular popcorn in my pantry and my confetti sprinkles already out…so I just decided to workwith them both to create a fun, colorful popcorn treat.

What I Used:

1 small bag of popcorn

Confetti Sprinkles

Vanilla Glaze or Melted Chocolate ( I made my own but I would also think that buying some “buttercream” Vanilla icing from the store and melting some in the microwave would do just the same thing).

How It’s Done ( and there’s really nothing to it):

Step 1) Pop yourself a bag of popcorn and pour popcorn into a bowl


Step 2) Drizzle your Vanilla ( that you melted) into the bowl, add some confetti sprinkles, then toss around and do again and again until entire bowl of popcorn is well coated with drizzle and sprinkles.

Step 3) Take small handfuls of popcorn and put into your cupcake liners and place into fridge if needed to firm up the drizzle quickly.


BAM, surprise, and wala: a fun little party treat!



Until next time,




WorkWith Hot Cocoa Mix: Red Velvet Popsicles

Backstory: I don’t know about you but rain or snow, sun or cloudy, I am always up for something cold and nice. So, for Christmas I received this lovely tin of Red Velvet hot cocoa mix but besides Christmas day, I never quite got around to using it again. But, I figured I would workwith the instant mix for Popsicle flavoring since I did not have much of anything else to do so. I realized after tasting it that using any kind of cocoa mix ( White Chocolate, regular milk chocolate..maybe even with the mini marshmallows) would be tasty.

What I Used:

Popsicle Molds

Blue Bunny Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Red Velvet Cocoa Mix from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

How It’s Done

Step 1) Take out your Ice Cream and scoop a fair amount into a separate bowl, let the ice cream come to room temperature ( just let it melt until it’s like a milkshake basically). * How much your scoop out depends on how many Popsicle your making and how big your Popsicle molds are.


Step 2) By the tablespoon, add in your cocoa mix, and stir/fold in until the color/flavor is to your liking. * I think I added maybe two tablespoons for mine. At this step, you can decide whether you want refreeze it in the bowl or put into your Popsicle molds…it’s up to you.

Step 3) Pour into your Popsicle molds to let mixture freeze…and wala, a creamy treat for you!

There you have it and there’s really not much to it. But now you have a reason to keep your favorite cocoa mix out all year. Instead of feeling cozy, you’ll feel chilled….okay so that sounded a bit cheesy but I just typed it as I thought it : D. So, tell me, what is your favorite kind of cocoa mix ?

Until next time, ♥ just because you did not, does not mean you could not ♥

~ Bre

WorkWith Denim Jeans: Denim Choker

Backstory: So, I was watching one of my favorite Youtube vloggers known as Jamie and Nikki and she was wearing this denim choker that she made herself. As I scrolled through the comments ( because I just have this bad habit of doing so), I noticed that there was interest in the choker and how it was made. Unfortunately, I do not know how she did her’s and mine did not quite turn out as…fashionable, but I wanted to give it a try and show you guys here how I decided to workwithit.

What I Used:

An Old Pair of Denim Pants


Optional: Hot glue gun/button

How It’s Done

Step 1) Take your pair of pants and cut ( all the way around) off the part where your belt would go. You should just have the very top of your jeans now * You can also cut the belt loops here ( I did) but it really just depends on the look you are going for.

Step 2) Take the time to clean up the seams/your cutting job 🙂


Step 3) Wrap the piece around your neck to gauge how much in terms of vertical length you need to cut off. Now, here’s what is important: My jeans had a small button on the inside of the belt part so I did not need to add a button BUT if your jeans do not, then all you need to do is glue a button on the outside end of your choker. You will then see how much on the other side that you need to cut off!


Step 4) Poke a hole at the opposite end of your button that will your button can go through. This is how you will get the choker on and off. *Before you do the hole for the button, wrap the choker around your neck and make a mark if necessary so you will know where to put your hole for your button. It’s a choker…it’s not meant to choke you but it’s also not meant to be a necklace that dangles.

And wala: There you have it!

Personally, I feel that my short neck just do chokers any justice and preference wise, I just do not wear them but seriously, this was a fun craft that really can go in so many directions depending on what your jeans look like ( black, dark blue, prints,  etc etc).

Until next time, 



WorkWith Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough: Heart-Shaped Valentines Treats

Backstory:  This past weekend I was going back and forth in my head whether I should get some take-home sugar cookies to bake, some M&M’s peanuts or some Vanilla Ice Cream and hence, the title…the sugar cookie dough by Pillsbury won out the rest. The idea of having soft, chewy warm sugar cookies, my absolute favorite, excited me so much that I decided to bake 12 of them before dinner that same day. Then the next day, I decided to workwithit to make some Heart-shaped cookies in light of Valentines Day approaching us so soon.


What I Used:

1 Pillsbury Sugar Cookie ( pre-cut package) of 24 cookies (2.50)

Some Red Candied Sprinkles ( already had)

Parchment paper + Cookie sheet

Powdered Sugar ( 3/4 cup)

Water ( 1 tablespoon)

Vanilla Extract

How it’s Done:

To make the quick glaze:

Step 1) Add the powdered sugar and  water to a bowl and and stir until mixture reaches desired consistency, then add in a drop of Vanilla extract to the bowl.

Making the Cookie bags: 

Step 1: Take one of the cookie dough cut-outs and roll it out on your parchment paper,  fold it to make a heart, then place it on your cookie sheet. * Now this step can be as precise or simple as you want to make it, mine ended up becoming very flat and the heart shape was not as pronounced but one can still tell that it was a heart. You can make these cookies as little or big as you like.

Step 2: Once finished making your desire amount, sprinkle candied sprinkles onto cookies and put into preheated oven at 350 degrees until golden brown.


Step 3: Decorate with glaze of your choice or icing of your choice and put into fridge for icing to harden up . * I was insistent on using what I had but you can always take this step to the next level by making a sweet buttercream icing to top your cookies with.


Step 4: Take a ziploc bag and cut off the zip (seamed) part, place your cookie in the bag and tie with a ribbon.

And there you have it! So, you may be thinking that this was not much of an idea but the reason why I wanted to share it with you is because the only thing I bought for this particular venture was the Pillsbury cookie dough and that was not even bought with this idea in mind. I just looked in my pantry for what I had and still wanted to make something useful and considerate out of it. It took me no time at all to be thoughtful. This Valentine’s day, I just want to encourage you to go for what you already have if you can not afford to invest in buying things.

♥ Until Sunday ♥