WorkWith 8×10 Canvas Board: Simple Butterfly Pencil Pouch

Good Sunday & Happy Mother’s Day ♥

Backstory: I have had these 8×10 blank art canvases in my craft drawer for months now but I am just not really much of a painter to use them for that purpose, that is. However, I knew that I wanted to workwith the canvas part of it and what I came up with is what I am sharing with you today.

What I Used:

1 8×10 Canvas Board

Ribbon of choice

Paint + Stamp ( You can choose what decorative material you’d like for your pouch)

Stapler + staples

Hot Glue Gun

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take the canvas off of the frame. * The canvas I had, had staples in the back and I just tore the canvas from the staples with scissors. Make sure you keep the wooden frame because you never know when it might come in dandy

Step 2) Cut off the ragged sides of your canvas and fold horizontally to create a pouch like shape.

Step 3) Take the time to decorate your canvas now. * I will say that this step can be done before step 1 if you’d like, I just chose to do it at a later time

Step 4) Fold in the left and right sides and staple so that the canvas pouch will remain it’s shape. * It is my suggestion that you fold in the sides with the staples inward and glue the sides down to the back so that the staples do not show but it is certainly up to you.



Step 5) Glue your ribbon onto the top of your pouch (the front side-only)


Step 6) Add on any decorative material ( optional)


You Are Done!

IMG_2757IMG_2749Sure, it may not be much but it’s something more than what it was. What I love about this project is that the outcome can be as unique as is the individual; you can use stamps, lettering, stencils, acrylic paint, watercolors ( I used), pop art, impressionism and so much more for your pouch. I just did what was simple to share but in my mind, I am just thinking about how many directions I could have went in, in terms of design.

♥ Workwithit: Make It Yours, Make It Work ♥

The Struggles Of A Craft Blogger

Rise & Shine, this Sunday ~

Today I wanted to do a different kind of post, like I do every now and then, and to share my personal struggles in being primarily a craft blogger. I do want to emphasize that these are just my own challenges when it comes to being one and that these things may not be comprehensive/all encompassing of everything nor, everyone but I still wanted to just share my thoughts on the matter. Here I go:

  • When you get an idea for a project, but you have to wait to get to a store because you do not have everything that you need:

I can not express how many times I have had an idea and that I had become so excited to execute the idea, only to be held back by not having everything I need to see it’s completion. Now, the difference with WorkWithIt is that primarily, the materials for each project I do my best to use what I already have…but every now and then, I’ll need to get one or two items to create a specific project. Unfortunately, I can not run to the store every time I need something or I would just be there too I have to wait until the next time I can make a trip to the store, despite being on the edge of excitement and now greater impatience! I have concluded that I just need a store in my backyard!

  • The concern that you’ll run out of ideas ( also known as creative juice):

When I first started craft blogging, this was not really a concern of mine but over 30 post in now, sometimes I worry that I will run out of ideas which will lead to less posts –> less consistency —> less enthusiasm —> less passion –> deletion of all of the past blogs I have been through. Sometimes, I just sit in my chair and stare at an image or even the ceiling waiting for another idea to hit me so that I can keep pushing on and doing this.  As much as creativity is a part of what I do and who I am, I still do worry about losing it or just drifting off in it, like I have done in the past.

  • Creating things just for content, not necessarily practicality nor daily use:

Being a content creator means that you constantly have to be on your feet thinking about what to create next and as a craft blogger, sometimes I am just creating things purely for the sake of a post but not putting anything to use. Sometimes, I worry that I could become some sort of craft hoarder because of all the craft creations necessary for me to create but not necessarily to use for anything else past sharing on this blog. Thankfully, I do not get attached to most of my crafts and I have been able to let things go but I hate to be so wasteful about it!

  • The comparison game: if there’s not someone who is better at crafting, then you always in the back of your mind, thinking how you are one in a million who is creating and diying, why do my ideas matter ?

One of the hardest things for me has been to accept that what I am doing is enough and good enough for what ” I AM” trying to do. It is not often that I ever scroll through sites like Pinterest or even to use the tag ” Crafts” on WordPress because I have a hard time looking and not comparing what others are doing to what I am doing. They have better pictures than I do, their ideas are better than mine, their execution of a particular project is better than mine, their website/blog is better than mine……these thoughts go through me head and I just think why would anyone want to pay any attention to what I am doing…sub-par craft-making. Really, I know this type of thinking is a depriver of the joy that I get out of creating but it just happens more times than I can even remember as I type right now. The more I create here though, I am learning that no idea is exactly the same because every creative mind is not the same, but it’s a struggle surely….

Do you have any struggles with craft blogging or being any type of blogger ? I want to hear you in the comment section below.

WorkWithIt ♥

~ Bre

My Top 5 Crafty Must-Haves!

Hello to you!

So today’s post is a little different from the usual but I am excited to share it with you nonetheless. There are a few things that I feel are my go-to items when it comes to crafts and these things are the items that I struggle to walk past in the store without thinking how I could possibly workwith it for SOMETHING in the future…however long that may be. Here are my top five:

The Handy Dandy & Noble Glue Gun: I can not express how useful a glue gun is in my life and maybe can be in your life. While it is a bit messy to handle, it absolutely works better than your regular white glue and such, it is more durable and can go on many different types of surfaces.


Sweet & Delicate Tulle: my liking for tulle came after I became obsessed with Ballet and everything related to it. I would just make tutus and hang them in my closet….only to be thrown away because I simply did not have enough room….just thinking about making a fushia, violet and blue tutu right now excites me yet I do not have  the tulle for that – sighs-. I just think that tulle is a great item to have because it just sweetens whatever it is that you are making.


Here To Save The Day: Ribbon:  Recently, I’ve been loving ribbons; especially pastel colored ones. Call it spring or whatever but ribbon is just an automatic crafty-saver that I think everyone should have a spool somewhere! Whether it’s hanging something, tieing something or just making a bow for something, it’s just so helpful.


The Ever-so Versatile Mason Jar: Man, I love these jars because their purpose can extend far beyond drinking jars if you want to.  Seriously, I feel like I could create crafts for the entire month ( my own frequency) using Mason Jars in one way or the other; they are affordable & craftastic! I mean look at my most recent Mason Jar project:


Just STAMP  it: I have absolutely grown to love stamps because they pick up what I am inadequate in. I can not draw a butterfly, let me stamp on one. I can not write very well, let me use letter stamps. Stamps offer consistency and uniformity in what I do and for that, I love them; just not the…price..sometimes :p.


And that concludes my top five ( in no specific order) of crafty must-haves, what are yours ?

~ Workwithit ~


WorkWith A Blank Canvas: Friendship Frame

Backstory: The other day I was tidying up my craft drawer a little bit and I saw this used canvas that I knew I was not going to do anything with so I proceeded to throw it into the trash. However, looking at it as it was faced down in the trash, I realized that it had the potential to become a picture frame. So, I decided to workwith a blank canvas again and here’s what I got:

What I Used:

Blank 8×10 canvas board ( got these on sale at Michael’s )

5×7 Photo or card

Paint + Decorative material (optional)


Piece of cardboard ( fold in half like a card) or cardstock notecard

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Paint the back of your frame any color that you want and add any decorative material to your canvas-to-frame. * You can choose to paint the back if you’d like 🙂

Step 2) Once dry, glue or tape your folded piece of cardboard or notecard to your frame so that it may stand up by itself on your desk or wherever you want to put the frame.


Step 3) Glue or tape your photo or card of choice into your frame. * Glue would work better but because I wanted to rotate the cards, I just decided to tape it down.

And there you go!


Admittedly, it did not turn out as nice as I would have hoped ( then I am so impatient, maybe it could have ;p) but perhaps this will give you an idea as to what to make on your own.

Until next time, remember that you already have what you need, you just need to want what you already have 🙂

~ Bre

WorkWith Fake Flowers: Flower Canvas Wall-Art

Backstory: So, I had originally planned to post a different craft today, specifically how to make this bow garland, but after reverting it back to a draft, the whole thing was questionably deleted so I have to rewrite that post again. That being said, I’ve been wanting to do this idea for quite some time but I just have not been able to get my hands on fake flowers. I have thought about it as I looked at them in the store but I was just being too cheap to buy anything other than the food that I actually needed. However, I have so many canvas boards that I just decided to take one and use a real flower for the time being just to convey my idea here and to show you how to workwith a blank canvas and flowers to create something that is simply lovely; in my opinion at least.

What I Used:

Fake Flowers ( As many or little as you’d like: honestly on a bigger scale, I am sure this could be very pretty to add a whole plethora of flowers onto a canvas)

Hot Glue Gun

Canvas Board ( I used an 8×10 board)

Watercolor Paint

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take your canvas and paint it to your likings ( you can adjust it) after you have glued the flower but it is best to do it before hand


Step 2) Glue your flower in the way that you want to onto the canvas. * Now I used a real flower for this which looked nice but was not lasting. If you want it to last, definitely stick with the fake flower or else, it will just fall a part.

Step 3) Do any finishing touches of paint/additions to your canvas ( lettering, more paint, etc).

Step 4) You can either get custom framing, wire the canvas as is to be placed on your wall or glue your canvas into the backing of a 8×10 frame so that you may put it onto your wall like so.


And you are done!

I really wish I could have saved this piece because I was surprised with how well it turned out. Funny thing is, my roommate had these fake flowers in the living room that had been sitting in a vase forever and I was seriously debating on whether I should just use those ( just one strand) for this project but I just never got around to doing so. As for next time, I think that I will just head to the dollar store to pick up a few just to make things easier.

Until next time, remember that what you have does not determine where you will go, what you think does.

WorkWithIt: What’s In My Craft Drawer ?

Hi There!

Today, I wanted to do something a bit different and share with you guys what is in my craft drawer. Now, the nature of workwithit is more so contingent on working on what I have ( and you) before going out to purchase things for a project; though at times it may be necessary to do so….therefore my craft drawer may be semi-underwelming at the moment but I wanted to share anyway. So, here we go ( and nothing is off-limits…not that anything in there would be off-limits material = D).


Okay, so I really am not sure why this is in there except for the fact that it is accessible to me when I am laying in bed ( dot dot dot)….even though I have not used it once.


That pink book would be my bible which is usually not in this drawer but on my desk…which it will be returning to very soon. And staples…but no stapler to be found.



These two have been sitting in my drawer for weeeeks now…probably since late last year, honestly but I just have not got around to coloring them. I love Johanna’s work but a little takes me foreveeraaa.


Canvas for days…my friend…


Soooo, I loooove the dollar ( or two) section in Target that is usually located up front when you come in; I especially love the notecards! For a dollar, they have so many different ones as the year goes by. I do have more than these two sets…I just need to be reunited with them.


I can explain….the tissue was for my paintbrushes and the little envelope held my room key.


That card happens to be a Christmas card from 2016, well one of my Christmas cards along with others, that I did not hand out this year. Typically, each year I like to keep at least one copy of my Christmas cards…just because.


A book on Humility, a stencil with a dent, a recycled gift bag ( I gave to a friend then she gave it back to me and I am going to give it to someone) and confetti tissue paper because you just never know when you’ll need it, right ?



Annnnd we’ll conclude this post with some a ball of string…or is it yarn…that I can not wait to finish because it has been with me for too long and the colors aren’t too useful.

I also had some Ring Pops, an envelope full of receipts from the Post Office annd an  awesome Watercolor set that strangely I thought I took a picture of but it never made it in the uploads. So, tell me, what is in your craft drawer ?


~ Bre

WorkWith Value Pack Blank Cards : A Little Storybook

Backstory: I do not know what it is but I want to say that most of the times when I go to Michael’s, I end up at least eyeing these Value Pack of blank cards that come in cream, white and I think a darker brown color. Perhaps initially I always see so much potiental in what I could do with them…only to later have them go to waste or be thrown away. BUT I am proud to say, NOT THIS TIME. I decided to workwithit to create little storybooks.

What I Used:

3 Value Pack Blank Cards ( the smaller ones), but they do come in multiple sizes

Hot Glue Gun ( I wanted to use staples but I could not find mine but using a stapler is a fine alternative)

Stamps/Ink ( optional). Use whatever you would like to decorate/write in your book ( Crayons, color pencils, markers, etc).

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take your cards and fold them in half ( use as many cards as you would like depending on how big you want your book to be)

Step 2) Before binding your book together, go ahead and write/decorate the pages as you please. * It can be a bit more difficult to draw/write on an already binded book so write your little story, color your little book;etc.

Step 3) Take a hot glue gun ( starting with your cover card), glue together each card in the middle. Make sure the order is correct before you glue it together.* I did not and let’s just say ” The End” is actually before the end ;p

And tadaaa!

The sky really is the limit with these little books and you do not have to limit them to just these blank cards, you can use any kind of notecards/small cards to create small, personalized little books. If you were going to name your little book anything, what would it be titled and what would it be about ? Let me know in the comment section below ♥

Until next time, stayworking ~