WorkWith Old Floral Skirt: Cute Bow Bracelet

Backstory: You don’t have to have a lot to create and sometimes we don’t need to have any more than what we already have; just a will to make something out of what appears to be nothing. The other day, I made this little purse out of this old Forever 21 skirt that I had and I was determined to see more of the leftover fabric used for something. So, after googling through girl/fashion accessories trying to gain some inspiration, I decided to make a bow bracelet.

What I Used:

1 Old Skirt



Hot Glue Gun

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Cut off the top rim (seam) of the skirt and try to clean up the stray ends the best that you can.

Step 2) Take the rim and cut it to fit around your wrist, then glue the ends together. * Make sure that it is loose enough to not only fit on your wrist but on/off of your hand too


Step 3) Using leftover/excess fabric, just cut off a straight piece and form into a bow. All you have to do to form a bow is make the fabric into a cure ( loop) symbol and bring down the top of the loop to the middle of the loop. Tie the middle with a small piece ribbon.

Step 3) Cut off a small, straight piece of additional fabric and glue around the center of your bow, covering the ribbon part.

Step 4) Glue the bow onto the top of your wristband and there you have it!

Cute, simple and it cost absolutely nothing to make ( other than the purchase of the skirt…and I got this skirt from a friend actually, so it was for free). I wanted to share this crafty project, not because I am expecting people to duplicate it but more so because it is just exemplifies exactly what I am about here, working with what we already have! What do you think ?

WorkWithIt ♥ Make it Yours, Make It Work ♥



WorkWith Butterfly Stickers: Pillar of Butterflies Nightlight

Backstory: Initially, I wanted to do this idea with stars to create a starry night-like situation but I went to Wal-Mart and noticed that they were out of stars except one sheet, which was more expensive so I decided to just workwith butterflies instead. What I got, in my opinion, came out quite pretty. I would have loved to get a automatic rotating display so that the butterflies could fly ( circle) around the room but I could not afford one and frankly that is not what we are about here: limitations because what we do not have or can not have. So, let’s get started, shall we ?

What I Used:

1 Wide-Mouth Candle Jar

Butterfly Stickers

1 Lid

LED Multicolor light candle

1 Empty tulle spool

How It’s Done

Step 1) First, take your candle jar and on the outside, stick your butterflies stickers all around the jar

Step 2) Take your spool and paint it the color of your choice; I chose to paint mine white 🙂


Step 3) Glue the lid underneath the candle jar, then glue the lid with the candle jar now onto the top of the tulle spool.

Step 4) Place & turn on your LED light into the center of the jar



WorkWithIt ♥ Make It Yours, Make It Work ♥

~ Bre

WorkWith Alum Foil Roll: Sweet Daisy Wall Hanger

Backstory: More recently, I’ve been saving the narrow/long rolls that Aluminum Foil is on because I was convinced that I could make some sort of craft with them. One of the ideas that came to mind was to make some sort of decorative mobile by workingwith the roll but truthfully said, as I completed the project, this idea changed into a wall-hanger.

What I Used:

1 Aluminum Foil Rolls ( all foil has been taken off*)

White & Yellow Ribbon

White Paint

Cardstock paper ( for the making the daisy cut-out flowers)

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take your aluminum foil roll and paint them the color that you prefer, let them dry completely before moving forward.

Step 2) Take a long piece of ribbon and pull through the roll, you should now have ribbon protruding from each side. Just pull both sides up so that you can tie the top as this is how your daisy hanger will hang…

Step 3) Now it’s time to make your daisy flowers, I just used a cut-out template. Once you cut them out, use a hole puncher or simply a pair of scissors to make a small hole in the center. * You will slightly fold your daises in half so that they will be facing downward when hanging.

Step 4) Cut off individual pieces of ribbon and insert each piece into the center of your daisy ( make sure it is well inside of the hole so the flower stays) and tie the ribbon that is now on the inside of your daisy into a small knot.

Step 5) Take your ribbon with daisies and one by one, tie them onto the roll. *It is optional as to how many daisies you want on each ribbon strand and it is also up to you as to how you want your daisies to be arranged ( ascending, descending, up-down-up and so on.

Tadaa ♥♥♥


This little craft project did not turn out the way I had initially thought but it became something even more than I thought and personally, I think it’s adorable. What do you think ?

Until next time, ♥ One of the greatest limitation of today is not that we do not have but that we do not see ♥

WorkWith 8×10 Canvas Board: Simple Butterfly Pencil Pouch

Good Sunday & Happy Mother’s Day ♥

Backstory: I have had these 8×10 blank art canvases in my craft drawer for months now but I am just not really much of a painter to use them for that purpose, that is. However, I knew that I wanted to workwith the canvas part of it and what I came up with is what I am sharing with you today.

What I Used:

1 8×10 Canvas Board

Ribbon of choice

Paint + Stamp ( You can choose what decorative material you’d like for your pouch)

Stapler + staples

Hot Glue Gun

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take the canvas off of the frame. * The canvas I had, had staples in the back and I just tore the canvas from the staples with scissors. Make sure you keep the wooden frame because you never know when it might come in dandy

Step 2) Cut off the ragged sides of your canvas and fold horizontally to create a pouch like shape.

Step 3) Take the time to decorate your canvas now. * I will say that this step can be done before step 1 if you’d like, I just chose to do it at a later time

Step 4) Fold in the left and right sides and staple so that the canvas pouch will remain it’s shape. * It is my suggestion that you fold in the sides with the staples inward and glue the sides down to the back so that the staples do not show but it is certainly up to you.



Step 5) Glue your ribbon onto the top of your pouch (the front side-only)


Step 6) Add on any decorative material ( optional)


You Are Done!

IMG_2757IMG_2749Sure, it may not be much but it’s something more than what it was. What I love about this project is that the outcome can be as unique as is the individual; you can use stamps, lettering, stencils, acrylic paint, watercolors ( I used), pop art, impressionism and so much more for your pouch. I just did what was simple to share but in my mind, I am just thinking about how many directions I could have went in, in terms of design.

♥ Workwithit: Make It Yours, Make It Work ♥

WorkWith Empty Bucket: Cute Gift Basket

Good Morning to you & Welcome to our first BONUS Friday post!

Backstory: The other day at my job, we ran out of some marshmallow puff and as I washed this perfectly, in tact bucket, I thought to myself that I could workwith it to make it purposeful for something in my life. So, I bagged it up, ran to the dollar store to grab a few accessories and here I am sharing with you guys my bucket makeover 🙂

What I Used:

1 Empty Bucket ( Try not to buy one, I am pretty sure that there is some kind of bucket around you that could be used)

Paint ( Optional)

Tulle ( Optional)

How It’s Done:

There really is NOT one way to do this kind of craft because it really is about using what you can to make your basket yours. I used paint, ribbon, homemade tulle bows and these faux plastic butterflies but you can make it your own by using whatever you would like. So, today I am just going to just share with you the process in making mine as a way to inspire and encourage you to make your own.

First, I decided to match the bucket with the butterflies and bows that I would add to it so I painted it yellow/turquoise-like blue ( it reminded me of a beach ball honestly ;p)

Then I just hot glued the tulle bows on, all around the top rim of the bucket

Next, I added on the faux butterflies…


And I was done 🙂

The Before & After:

Sure, this bucket may not be anything too special but it cost me barely nothing to make and I am sure that I can find something to put into it and one can easily find a way to make it into a gift basket. The sky is the limit in terms of decor..stencils, designs, markers, ribbon, rhinestomes (gems), glitter, etc etc!

WorkWithIt : Make it Yours, Make It Work ♥

WorkWith Bar Of Soap: Lolly Fun Soap Bars for Parties!

Good Morning To You This Wednesday!

Backstory:  Recently, I was strolling through the bath & body aisle of Target and I noticed these cute soap bars by Zoella, who I believe to be is a very popular & established YouTuber. As cute as these bars were, I looked over at the price and I “thought” I saw a hefty price tag of 6.50. Now I am sure the soap bars were quality and for those who know Zoella, quite a commodity but I figured that I could just workwith a regular bar of soap to create my own little D.I.Y to share here. So, let’s get started:

What I Used:

2 bars of soap

Sharp Knife/Butter knife

Gift wrapping Paper

Plastic Utensils ( specifically 2 plastic knifes in replacement of the Popsicle sticks because not only did I not have any Popsicle sticks but Target apparently did not either ;P).


How It’s Done:

Step 1) Simply use a sharp knife to poke through the middle bottom of your bar of soap. Depending on how your soap is wrapped, you may be able to keep the wrapper on if you’d like. Once you have a reasonable hole to poke your plastic knife into, insert it right in.

Step 2) Take a cut out piece of your wrapping paper and wrap it around the soap, be sure to now secure the back with tape. * It’s important to leave some excess wrapping paper ( maybe .5 inch-1 inch) on each side that you can fold in the sides.

Step 3) Fold inward the ends of your bar like you are wrapping a small present and secure the bottom with a ribbon of your choice. * Proceed to tie your ribbon into a bow. 

Step 4) Optional: Stick a personal sticker on your wrapping paper to fit the occasion ( Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Birthday Party, etc).

And there you have it!

If you already have some extra bars of your favorite soap lying around and some gift wrapping paper from that birthday party that you previously went to, this project cost you barely anything to make and you look like the creative genius for whatever occasion your attending/throwing.

♥ WorkWithIt: Make It Yours, Make It Works ♥

~ Bre

The Struggles Of A Craft Blogger

Rise & Shine, this Sunday ~

Today I wanted to do a different kind of post, like I do every now and then, and to share my personal struggles in being primarily a craft blogger. I do want to emphasize that these are just my own challenges when it comes to being one and that these things may not be comprehensive/all encompassing of everything nor, everyone but I still wanted to just share my thoughts on the matter. Here I go:

  • When you get an idea for a project, but you have to wait to get to a store because you do not have everything that you need:

I can not express how many times I have had an idea and that I had become so excited to execute the idea, only to be held back by not having everything I need to see it’s completion. Now, the difference with WorkWithIt is that primarily, the materials for each project I do my best to use what I already have…but every now and then, I’ll need to get one or two items to create a specific project. Unfortunately, I can not run to the store every time I need something or I would just be there too I have to wait until the next time I can make a trip to the store, despite being on the edge of excitement and now greater impatience! I have concluded that I just need a store in my backyard!

  • The concern that you’ll run out of ideas ( also known as creative juice):

When I first started craft blogging, this was not really a concern of mine but over 30 post in now, sometimes I worry that I will run out of ideas which will lead to less posts –> less consistency —> less enthusiasm —> less passion –> deletion of all of the past blogs I have been through. Sometimes, I just sit in my chair and stare at an image or even the ceiling waiting for another idea to hit me so that I can keep pushing on and doing this.  As much as creativity is a part of what I do and who I am, I still do worry about losing it or just drifting off in it, like I have done in the past.

  • Creating things just for content, not necessarily practicality nor daily use:

Being a content creator means that you constantly have to be on your feet thinking about what to create next and as a craft blogger, sometimes I am just creating things purely for the sake of a post but not putting anything to use. Sometimes, I worry that I could become some sort of craft hoarder because of all the craft creations necessary for me to create but not necessarily to use for anything else past sharing on this blog. Thankfully, I do not get attached to most of my crafts and I have been able to let things go but I hate to be so wasteful about it!

  • The comparison game: if there’s not someone who is better at crafting, then you always in the back of your mind, thinking how you are one in a million who is creating and diying, why do my ideas matter ?

One of the hardest things for me has been to accept that what I am doing is enough and good enough for what ” I AM” trying to do. It is not often that I ever scroll through sites like Pinterest or even to use the tag ” Crafts” on WordPress because I have a hard time looking and not comparing what others are doing to what I am doing. They have better pictures than I do, their ideas are better than mine, their execution of a particular project is better than mine, their website/blog is better than mine……these thoughts go through me head and I just think why would anyone want to pay any attention to what I am doing…sub-par craft-making. Really, I know this type of thinking is a depriver of the joy that I get out of creating but it just happens more times than I can even remember as I type right now. The more I create here though, I am learning that no idea is exactly the same because every creative mind is not the same, but it’s a struggle surely….

Do you have any struggles with craft blogging or being any type of blogger ? I want to hear you in the comment section below.

WorkWithIt ♥

~ Bre