WorkWith 8×10 Canvas Board: Simple Butterfly Pencil Pouch

Good Sunday & Happy Mother’s Day ♥

Backstory: I have had these 8×10 blank art canvases in my craft drawer for months now but I am just not really much of a painter to use them for that purpose, that is. However, I knew that I wanted to workwith the canvas part of it and what I came up with is what I am sharing with you today.

What I Used:

1 8×10 Canvas Board

Ribbon of choice

Paint + Stamp ( You can choose what decorative material you’d like for your pouch)

Stapler + staples

Hot Glue Gun

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take the canvas off of the frame. * The canvas I had, had staples in the back and I just tore the canvas from the staples with scissors. Make sure you keep the wooden frame because you never know when it might come in dandy

Step 2) Cut off the ragged sides of your canvas and fold horizontally to create a pouch like shape.

Step 3) Take the time to decorate your canvas now. * I will say that this step can be done before step 1 if you’d like, I just chose to do it at a later time

Step 4) Fold in the left and right sides and staple so that the canvas pouch will remain it’s shape. * It is my suggestion that you fold in the sides with the staples inward and glue the sides down to the back so that the staples do not show but it is certainly up to you.



Step 5) Glue your ribbon onto the top of your pouch (the front side-only)


Step 6) Add on any decorative material ( optional)


You Are Done!

IMG_2757IMG_2749Sure, it may not be much but it’s something more than what it was. What I love about this project is that the outcome can be as unique as is the individual; you can use stamps, lettering, stencils, acrylic paint, watercolors ( I used), pop art, impressionism and so much more for your pouch. I just did what was simple to share but in my mind, I am just thinking about how many directions I could have went in, in terms of design.

♥ Workwithit: Make It Yours, Make It Work ♥

WorkWith Bar Of Soap: Lolly Fun Soap Bars for Parties!

Good Morning To You This Wednesday!

Backstory:  Recently, I was strolling through the bath & body aisle of Target and I noticed these cute soap bars by Zoella, who I believe to be is a very popular & established YouTuber. As cute as these bars were, I looked over at the price and I “thought” I saw a hefty price tag of 6.50. Now I am sure the soap bars were quality and for those who know Zoella, quite a commodity but I figured that I could just workwith a regular bar of soap to create my own little D.I.Y to share here. So, let’s get started:

What I Used:

2 bars of soap

Sharp Knife/Butter knife

Gift wrapping Paper

Plastic Utensils ( specifically 2 plastic knifes in replacement of the Popsicle sticks because not only did I not have any Popsicle sticks but Target apparently did not either ;P).


How It’s Done:

Step 1) Simply use a sharp knife to poke through the middle bottom of your bar of soap. Depending on how your soap is wrapped, you may be able to keep the wrapper on if you’d like. Once you have a reasonable hole to poke your plastic knife into, insert it right in.

Step 2) Take a cut out piece of your wrapping paper and wrap it around the soap, be sure to now secure the back with tape. * It’s important to leave some excess wrapping paper ( maybe .5 inch-1 inch) on each side that you can fold in the sides.

Step 3) Fold inward the ends of your bar like you are wrapping a small present and secure the bottom with a ribbon of your choice. * Proceed to tie your ribbon into a bow. 

Step 4) Optional: Stick a personal sticker on your wrapping paper to fit the occasion ( Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Birthday Party, etc).

And there you have it!

If you already have some extra bars of your favorite soap lying around and some gift wrapping paper from that birthday party that you previously went to, this project cost you barely anything to make and you look like the creative genius for whatever occasion your attending/throwing.

♥ WorkWithIt: Make It Yours, Make It Works ♥

~ Bre