WorkWith Butterfly Stickers: Pillar of Butterflies Nightlight

Backstory: Initially, I wanted to do this idea with stars to create a starry night-like situation but I went to Wal-Mart and noticed that they were out of stars except one sheet, which was more expensive so I decided to just workwith butterflies instead. What I got, in my opinion, came out quite pretty. I would have loved to get a automatic rotating display so that the butterflies could fly ( circle) around the room but I could not afford one and frankly that is not what we are about here: limitations because what we do not have or can not have. So, let’s get started, shall we ?

What I Used:

1 Wide-Mouth Candle Jar

Butterfly Stickers

1 Lid

LED Multicolor light candle

1 Empty tulle spool

How It’s Done

Step 1) First, take your candle jar and on the outside, stick your butterflies stickers all around the jar

Step 2) Take your spool and paint it the color of your choice; I chose to paint mine white 🙂


Step 3) Glue the lid underneath the candle jar, then glue the lid with the candle jar now onto the top of the tulle spool.

Step 4) Place & turn on your LED light into the center of the jar



WorkWithIt ♥ Make It Yours, Make It Work ♥

~ Bre

WorkWith Alum Foil Roll: Sweet Daisy Wall Hanger

Backstory: More recently, I’ve been saving the narrow/long rolls that Aluminum Foil is on because I was convinced that I could make some sort of craft with them. One of the ideas that came to mind was to make some sort of decorative mobile by workingwith the roll but truthfully said, as I completed the project, this idea changed into a wall-hanger.

What I Used:

1 Aluminum Foil Rolls ( all foil has been taken off*)

White & Yellow Ribbon

White Paint

Cardstock paper ( for the making the daisy cut-out flowers)

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take your aluminum foil roll and paint them the color that you prefer, let them dry completely before moving forward.

Step 2) Take a long piece of ribbon and pull through the roll, you should now have ribbon protruding from each side. Just pull both sides up so that you can tie the top as this is how your daisy hanger will hang…

Step 3) Now it’s time to make your daisy flowers, I just used a cut-out template. Once you cut them out, use a hole puncher or simply a pair of scissors to make a small hole in the center. * You will slightly fold your daises in half so that they will be facing downward when hanging.

Step 4) Cut off individual pieces of ribbon and insert each piece into the center of your daisy ( make sure it is well inside of the hole so the flower stays) and tie the ribbon that is now on the inside of your daisy into a small knot.

Step 5) Take your ribbon with daisies and one by one, tie them onto the roll. *It is optional as to how many daisies you want on each ribbon strand and it is also up to you as to how you want your daisies to be arranged ( ascending, descending, up-down-up and so on.

Tadaa ♥♥♥


This little craft project did not turn out the way I had initially thought but it became something even more than I thought and personally, I think it’s adorable. What do you think ?

Until next time, ♥ One of the greatest limitation of today is not that we do not have but that we do not see ♥

WorkWith Empty Bucket: Cute Gift Basket

Good Morning to you & Welcome to our first BONUS Friday post!

Backstory: The other day at my job, we ran out of some marshmallow puff and as I washed this perfectly, in tact bucket, I thought to myself that I could workwith it to make it purposeful for something in my life. So, I bagged it up, ran to the dollar store to grab a few accessories and here I am sharing with you guys my bucket makeover 🙂

What I Used:

1 Empty Bucket ( Try not to buy one, I am pretty sure that there is some kind of bucket around you that could be used)

Paint ( Optional)

Tulle ( Optional)

How It’s Done:

There really is NOT one way to do this kind of craft because it really is about using what you can to make your basket yours. I used paint, ribbon, homemade tulle bows and these faux plastic butterflies but you can make it your own by using whatever you would like. So, today I am just going to just share with you the process in making mine as a way to inspire and encourage you to make your own.

First, I decided to match the bucket with the butterflies and bows that I would add to it so I painted it yellow/turquoise-like blue ( it reminded me of a beach ball honestly ;p)

Then I just hot glued the tulle bows on, all around the top rim of the bucket

Next, I added on the faux butterflies…


And I was done 🙂

The Before & After:

Sure, this bucket may not be anything too special but it cost me barely nothing to make and I am sure that I can find something to put into it and one can easily find a way to make it into a gift basket. The sky is the limit in terms of decor..stencils, designs, markers, ribbon, rhinestomes (gems), glitter, etc etc!

WorkWithIt : Make it Yours, Make It Work ♥

WorkWith Wire Wreath Form: Darling Tutu Canopy

Backstory: I have been wanting to make a canopy for quite awhile but I had originally wanted to make it with a Hula hoop but those were 5.88 and the small wire wreath was only 1.77 so I decided to workwithit instead. Beauty guru’s may be using these wire wreaths for ring lights but us crafters can use it to make a romantic-Tutu-like Canopy ♥

What I Used:

Two Rolls Of Tulle ( The more, the better and the better quality, the better)

One Small Wire Wreath Form

Glue Gun

White & Pink Ribbon


How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take two even pieces of ribbon and lay them in a + (plus sign) formation inside of your wreath, you will tie your ribbons to the outer ring of your wire wreath. I used the hot glue gun to glue each knot down to the wreath so that the string would not move and throw the wreath out of balance

Step 2) Twirl the very top of your ribbon into a loop and tie together either by using a small rubberband or a piece of tape. * I used a piece of tape because it was, what I had in the moment

Step 3) Find a place to hang your ribboned wreath. * I just taped a hanger upside down in my bathroom doorway and put it there but you could also just hang it on your shower curtuan rod by using a shower curtain ring.


Step 4) Take a long piece of tulle ( how long depends on how long you want the tulle tutu to be and fold it in half. Then take the top middle of your tulle, make a loop U shape with it and hold it up to the front of your wreath. You will then take the loose bottom of your tulle and wrap it under your wire wreath, then over, into the loop that you have, then just tighten the knot.

Step 4) Just continue to do this repetitively  with tulle until the canopy is as full and opaque as you would like 🙂


Step 5) ( Optional): Tie some ribbons around your canopy and wala….

Cute, simple and it cost no more than five dollars to make. Admittedly, I would say that it is best to invest in your tulle if you are doing this project beyond crafty fun because the cheaper tulle just streads easier when cut and crinkles vs. the more expensive tulle is softer and not so staticy. Nevertheless, I had fun making this and I hope that if you choose to do so, you would too! I think it would be adorable for a little girl room or even a baby room 🙂

~ Workwithit, ♥ no means what you allow it to mean ♥

~ Bre

WorkWith Empty Ice Cream Container: Small Bathroom Basket

Backstory: After I made my first bucket-up-do, I was edging to make another one with a different kind of container that had recently came available: an Ice Cream container. Now, I do not think this type of craft would work with any ice cream container that is in the form of a cardboard/hard paper-like container but with  all of the plastic ones, I don’t think I will waste another Ice Cream container again….or maybe I will simply because I do not want to become a hoarder….seriously craft-people problems ;P

What I Used:

1 Empty Ice Cream Container


Fake Flowers

How It’s Done:

Alike the other bucket that I did, this is not really a step by step, how-to kind of post as I just want to share it here to encourage and inspire others to work with what they are most likely to already have.

First, I painted the ice cream container a ” Blue Cotton” shade and then did streaks of white while the paint was still white. Surprisingly, the print on the container was not nearly as obvious as I thought it would be.

Then I cut some fake flowers that I had ( it did not dawn on me until recently that since they are built with WIRE, how hard it would be to cut them but anyway…), I glued three of these flowers to the front.

And I was done!

The Before & After

What I love about making these decorative containers is just how versatile they can be. Whether you want to create sort of holding basket, some kind of gift basket or just a cute little desk bin, you can at practically no cost to you. On a bright note, at least us ice cream lovers can look forward to eating the ice cream and then once it is gone, creating something with that empty container that lays before our gloomy eyes.

WorkWithIt: Make it yours, Make It Work ♥


WorkWith Calendar Paper: Graduation Cap Goodie Bags

Backstory: I had made this project some quite some time ago but I wanted to bring it to WorkWithIt because I know that graduation time is quickly approaching for many students across the country. That being said, you can really use any kind of paper for this project ( old magazines, cardstock paper , newspaper, etc). In fact, what would be really cool ( in my opinion) is if you are like a journalism student or something along those lines, to use like the New York Times ( hard copy) newspaper or some other hard-copy Newspaper.

What I Used:

1 Calendar Page

1 Piece of Cardstock paper



String/Ribbon for the tassle * I just took some strands of ribbon and stapled it to the corner of my cap

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take your calendar page ( must be square) and fold in the sides inward forming a cap like shape and neatly tape down the back.

Step 2) Take your cardstock paper, cut it into a square shape and fold it in half, then fold both sides inward creating a small pouch -like shape. * Make sure you staple the bottom of the pouch/tape the back if necessary

Step 3) Take your pouch and glue/tape it to the front of your cap


Step 4) Take a long piece of cardstock paper that is long in length but shorter in width and form a circle shape and circle. Glue this circle onto the back of your cap.

Step 5 ( Optional) Add either a faux ribbon or string tassle. I did not want to use too much Ribbon so my tassle is quite thin but all I did is take some ribbon and wrap it and cut the bottom.


You Are Done!

I did not have a graduation party but if I did, these would be on the table. You could use your school colors or just do whatever design and pattern type of paper that you would like. If your graduating, from me to you, Congratulations on your acheivement!

WorkWithItt ♥ Just Because You Did Not Do, Does Not Mean That You Could Not Do

My Top 5 Crafty Must-Haves!

Hello to you!

So today’s post is a little different from the usual but I am excited to share it with you nonetheless. There are a few things that I feel are my go-to items when it comes to crafts and these things are the items that I struggle to walk past in the store without thinking how I could possibly workwith it for SOMETHING in the future…however long that may be. Here are my top five:

The Handy Dandy & Noble Glue Gun: I can not express how useful a glue gun is in my life and maybe can be in your life. While it is a bit messy to handle, it absolutely works better than your regular white glue and such, it is more durable and can go on many different types of surfaces.


Sweet & Delicate Tulle: my liking for tulle came after I became obsessed with Ballet and everything related to it. I would just make tutus and hang them in my closet….only to be thrown away because I simply did not have enough room….just thinking about making a fushia, violet and blue tutu right now excites me yet I do not have  the tulle for that – sighs-. I just think that tulle is a great item to have because it just sweetens whatever it is that you are making.


Here To Save The Day: Ribbon:  Recently, I’ve been loving ribbons; especially pastel colored ones. Call it spring or whatever but ribbon is just an automatic crafty-saver that I think everyone should have a spool somewhere! Whether it’s hanging something, tieing something or just making a bow for something, it’s just so helpful.


The Ever-so Versatile Mason Jar: Man, I love these jars because their purpose can extend far beyond drinking jars if you want to.  Seriously, I feel like I could create crafts for the entire month ( my own frequency) using Mason Jars in one way or the other; they are affordable & craftastic! I mean look at my most recent Mason Jar project:


Just STAMP  it: I have absolutely grown to love stamps because they pick up what I am inadequate in. I can not draw a butterfly, let me stamp on one. I can not write very well, let me use letter stamps. Stamps offer consistency and uniformity in what I do and for that, I love them; just not the…price..sometimes :p.


And that concludes my top five ( in no specific order) of crafty must-haves, what are yours ?

~ Workwithit ~