WorkWith Old Floral Skirt: Cute Bow Bracelet

Backstory: You don’t have to have a lot to create and sometimes we don’t need to have any more than what we already have; just a will to make something out of what appears to be nothing. The other day, I made this little purse out of this old Forever 21 skirt that I had and I was determined to see more of the leftover fabric used for something. So, after googling through girl/fashion accessories trying to gain some inspiration, I decided to make a bow bracelet.

What I Used:

1 Old Skirt



Hot Glue Gun

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Cut off the top rim (seam) of the skirt and try to clean up the stray ends the best that you can.

Step 2) Take the rim and cut it to fit around your wrist, then glue the ends together. * Make sure that it is loose enough to not only fit on your wrist but on/off of your hand too


Step 3) Using leftover/excess fabric, just cut off a straight piece and form into a bow. All you have to do to form a bow is make the fabric into a cure ( loop) symbol and bring down the top of the loop to the middle of the loop. Tie the middle with a small piece ribbon.

Step 3) Cut off a small, straight piece of additional fabric and glue around the center of your bow, covering the ribbon part.

Step 4) Glue the bow onto the top of your wristband and there you have it!

Cute, simple and it cost absolutely nothing to make ( other than the purchase of the skirt…and I got this skirt from a friend actually, so it was for free). I wanted to share this crafty project, not because I am expecting people to duplicate it but more so because it is just exemplifies exactly what I am about here, working with what we already have! What do you think ?

WorkWithIt ♥ Make it Yours, Make It Work ♥



WorkWith Butterfly Stickers: Pillar of Butterflies Nightlight

Backstory: Initially, I wanted to do this idea with stars to create a starry night-like situation but I went to Wal-Mart and noticed that they were out of stars except one sheet, which was more expensive so I decided to just workwith butterflies instead. What I got, in my opinion, came out quite pretty. I would have loved to get a automatic rotating display so that the butterflies could fly ( circle) around the room but I could not afford one and frankly that is not what we are about here: limitations because what we do not have or can not have. So, let’s get started, shall we ?

What I Used:

1 Wide-Mouth Candle Jar

Butterfly Stickers

1 Lid

LED Multicolor light candle

1 Empty tulle spool

How It’s Done

Step 1) First, take your candle jar and on the outside, stick your butterflies stickers all around the jar

Step 2) Take your spool and paint it the color of your choice; I chose to paint mine white 🙂


Step 3) Glue the lid underneath the candle jar, then glue the lid with the candle jar now onto the top of the tulle spool.

Step 4) Place & turn on your LED light into the center of the jar



WorkWithIt ♥ Make It Yours, Make It Work ♥

~ Bre

WorkWith Empty Bucket: Cute Gift Basket

Good Morning to you & Welcome to our first BONUS Friday post!

Backstory: The other day at my job, we ran out of some marshmallow puff and as I washed this perfectly, in tact bucket, I thought to myself that I could workwith it to make it purposeful for something in my life. So, I bagged it up, ran to the dollar store to grab a few accessories and here I am sharing with you guys my bucket makeover 🙂

What I Used:

1 Empty Bucket ( Try not to buy one, I am pretty sure that there is some kind of bucket around you that could be used)

Paint ( Optional)

Tulle ( Optional)

How It’s Done:

There really is NOT one way to do this kind of craft because it really is about using what you can to make your basket yours. I used paint, ribbon, homemade tulle bows and these faux plastic butterflies but you can make it your own by using whatever you would like. So, today I am just going to just share with you the process in making mine as a way to inspire and encourage you to make your own.

First, I decided to match the bucket with the butterflies and bows that I would add to it so I painted it yellow/turquoise-like blue ( it reminded me of a beach ball honestly ;p)

Then I just hot glued the tulle bows on, all around the top rim of the bucket

Next, I added on the faux butterflies…


And I was done 🙂

The Before & After:

Sure, this bucket may not be anything too special but it cost me barely nothing to make and I am sure that I can find something to put into it and one can easily find a way to make it into a gift basket. The sky is the limit in terms of decor..stencils, designs, markers, ribbon, rhinestomes (gems), glitter, etc etc!

WorkWithIt : Make it Yours, Make It Work ♥

My Top 5 Crafty Must-Haves!

Hello to you!

So today’s post is a little different from the usual but I am excited to share it with you nonetheless. There are a few things that I feel are my go-to items when it comes to crafts and these things are the items that I struggle to walk past in the store without thinking how I could possibly workwith it for SOMETHING in the future…however long that may be. Here are my top five:

The Handy Dandy & Noble Glue Gun: I can not express how useful a glue gun is in my life and maybe can be in your life. While it is a bit messy to handle, it absolutely works better than your regular white glue and such, it is more durable and can go on many different types of surfaces.


Sweet & Delicate Tulle: my liking for tulle came after I became obsessed with Ballet and everything related to it. I would just make tutus and hang them in my closet….only to be thrown away because I simply did not have enough room….just thinking about making a fushia, violet and blue tutu right now excites me yet I do not have  the tulle for that – sighs-. I just think that tulle is a great item to have because it just sweetens whatever it is that you are making.


Here To Save The Day: Ribbon:  Recently, I’ve been loving ribbons; especially pastel colored ones. Call it spring or whatever but ribbon is just an automatic crafty-saver that I think everyone should have a spool somewhere! Whether it’s hanging something, tieing something or just making a bow for something, it’s just so helpful.


The Ever-so Versatile Mason Jar: Man, I love these jars because their purpose can extend far beyond drinking jars if you want to.  Seriously, I feel like I could create crafts for the entire month ( my own frequency) using Mason Jars in one way or the other; they are affordable & craftastic! I mean look at my most recent Mason Jar project:


Just STAMP  it: I have absolutely grown to love stamps because they pick up what I am inadequate in. I can not draw a butterfly, let me stamp on one. I can not write very well, let me use letter stamps. Stamps offer consistency and uniformity in what I do and for that, I love them; just not the…price..sometimes :p.


And that concludes my top five ( in no specific order) of crafty must-haves, what are yours ?

~ Workwithit ~


WorkWith Plastic Easter Eggs: Egg Lip Balms

Backstory: Sometimes I am not sure what to create next and I just need to intentionally think about how and what I desire to work with in order to bring something to the table here. So, I entered ” Easter Egg Hunts” into my search engine, went to google images and intended to just stare at the images until I came up with something. That is when it hit me that I could put some lip balm into one of the caps and call it an egg balm. There is a similar and actual product alike this craft BUT this is an 1) Easter Egg, 2)  a DIY, 3) I think this would make a cute Easter basket surprise.

What I Used:


Flavoring/Extract ( if you want your balm to have a scent, just add in a flavor of choice, I added in some Vanilla extract but you do whatever you’d like).

Plastic Easter Eggs ( The more you pay, the more sturdy/quality/decorative your balms will be and there is plenty to choose from, I just went with what was budget friendly for me).

How It’s Done

Step 1) Place some Vaseline in the microwave or heat it up by placing bowl in hot water until consistency becomes more loose ( make sure you check on it in increments).


Step 2) Now add in your extract + food coloring (optional) and stir until both is well incorporated.

Step 3) Make sure mixture is not “hot” and pour/scoop into bottom half of Easter Egg and then place into fridge/freezer until mixture has firmed up. * Now recycling a egg carton will help this process be easier because they will automatically stand up but do what you can with what you have.

You are done!


Until next time, Happy Easter and yes, Happy Resurrection Day first and foremost!




WorkWith Mason Jars: Enchanting Rose Jars

Backstory: This craft project was not exactly what I had in mind to do initially; I just was walking through the dollar store to try to find something to fit into the Mason jar that I had and thought, why not put a flower in the jar to create some sort of, kind of Beauty and The Beast Inspired craft. Though I have not seen the new 2017 live-action version of the Disney film, I absolutely love the original 1991 version so this project is in memory of that one.


What I Used:

1 Mason Jar ( you can use any size or tint of jar that you please, of course)

Gold Glitter

Fake Rose Flowers


How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take your fake rose flower and cut the stem until it can fit into your jar ( top down) with the lid closed. Once your flower is cut, sprinkle in some of your glitter.

Step 2) Fill your jar with water completely to the top and add in more glitter


Just screw the lid on tightly and you are done!

This project truly is simple & fun but lovely at the same time. Personally, what I would like to do is buy a blue tinted mason jar, with silver glitter and a white rose and to do the same thing for like a Winter Wonderland. Anyhow, I think this can be a cute DIY project for a Beauty & The Beast birthday party or whatever occasion, really.

Workwithit ~ Bre

WorkWith Fake Flowers: Flower Canvas Wall-Art

Backstory: So, I had originally planned to post a different craft today, specifically how to make this bow garland, but after reverting it back to a draft, the whole thing was questionably deleted so I have to rewrite that post again. That being said, I’ve been wanting to do this idea for quite some time but I just have not been able to get my hands on fake flowers. I have thought about it as I looked at them in the store but I was just being too cheap to buy anything other than the food that I actually needed. However, I have so many canvas boards that I just decided to take one and use a real flower for the time being just to convey my idea here and to show you how to workwith a blank canvas and flowers to create something that is simply lovely; in my opinion at least.

What I Used:

Fake Flowers ( As many or little as you’d like: honestly on a bigger scale, I am sure this could be very pretty to add a whole plethora of flowers onto a canvas)

Hot Glue Gun

Canvas Board ( I used an 8×10 board)

Watercolor Paint

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take your canvas and paint it to your likings ( you can adjust it) after you have glued the flower but it is best to do it before hand


Step 2) Glue your flower in the way that you want to onto the canvas. * Now I used a real flower for this which looked nice but was not lasting. If you want it to last, definitely stick with the fake flower or else, it will just fall a part.

Step 3) Do any finishing touches of paint/additions to your canvas ( lettering, more paint, etc).

Step 4) You can either get custom framing, wire the canvas as is to be placed on your wall or glue your canvas into the backing of a 8×10 frame so that you may put it onto your wall like so.


And you are done!

I really wish I could have saved this piece because I was surprised with how well it turned out. Funny thing is, my roommate had these fake flowers in the living room that had been sitting in a vase forever and I was seriously debating on whether I should just use those ( just one strand) for this project but I just never got around to doing so. As for next time, I think that I will just head to the dollar store to pick up a few just to make things easier.

Until next time, remember that what you have does not determine where you will go, what you think does.