WorkWith Waverly Pattern: Cute Pouch Cover for Phone

Hello Hello,

You know, it was not until more recently that I discovered the Waverly quarter patterns that are only for 97 cents at Wal-Mart. Truly, I think with a lot of ideas can come about from just one of these. Today, I wanted to make a little pouch and it ended up holding my earrings but I am sure that it’d make a cute phone “cover”, not case for protective reasons but just a cover even if you wanted to. This is what I used:

1 Waverly Pattern

1 Pair of Stud earrings 

Hot glue Gun


How it’s made:

Step 1) Cut out 1 rectangular from the pattern, make sure the pattern is folded in half so it is double-sided.


Step 2) Fold the left and right side twice down so that the shredded sides will not show the shreds and glue down.

Step 3) Glue the top of your pouch ( each side) inward. 

Step 4) Fold the top down and poke your earring into the center of the top of the pouch and you are done:

That’s all; you can really put whatever you want in this little pouch but just for some inspiration, I just made it a earring pouch.



WorkWith Throwaway Earrings: Little Bow Studs

Hi Everybody: Happy President’s Day!

I am finally back with a new craft idea. I love bows as I think that they quite darling so I figured it would be cute to turn an unwanted pair of studs into something I would wear such as bow stud earrings. Here’s what you’ll need:

Fabric of choice

Earring Studs that you’re not using

Super Glue OR Hot Glue Gun


Beads/Gems/Pearls ( Whichever you have)

Here’s how the idea came to friction:

Step 1) Take your fabric and out a rectangle. Your earrings are on the smaller side so no more than 3 inches in length is just fine.

Step 2) Fold your fabric horizontally in half and glue. It does not need to be perfect, cut off what you can in terms of loose thread.


Step 3) Fold your ends to meet in the middle and glue down to the center. At this step, you can cut your strips smaller depending on whatever size you want your bows to be.


Step 5) Push the top and bottom of your piece towards the end and then fold the ends down, creating your bow. Glue the center down so that the bow may keep it’s shape.


Step 6) Glue on your earring stud onto the back center of your bow.


Step 7) Glue on an embellishment to the center and you are done:


Tada 🙂 

Sure, these may not be as practical to wear on an everyday basis but if its the summer time and you have a cute summer dress, these just may do the trick!

As always, WorkWithIt, Girl! For now, there will be new post every Monday!

The WorkWithIt, Girl Way Of Life

Hey Guys!

Hope you guys had a wonderful week and a terrific Valentines Day. You know, I have been going through some things; mainly internally rooted, I suppose and I have subsequently not felt inspired nor diligent enough to post nor create any crafts. That being said, it dawned on me that WorkWithit, Girl is about going beyond circumstance to work with what we got so that we can “Do”. I did not have Internet but I could walk to a place that did. I did not have anything to make anything with but surely, I was not surrounded by nothing. I did not have time but surely, I could have allocated less time daydreaming & more time creating. All the excuses that I’ve made not to continue, when I already made a goal to post every week; is nothing but just that, excuses; chosen reality instead of diligently pursed possibilities.

God willing, I will be back the following week with more post but also a rejuvenated mind to ” Do” because often we don’t have what we think we need but we always have what we already have.

~ WorkWithIt, Girl

WorkWith Flower Hole Puncher: Chic Flower Choker


Backstory: So, today’s craft was actually one that I came up with in an effort to be published in this popular craft magazine for their Spring edition. I know it’s not Spring here nor is it close in the U.S but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from sharing this cute little craft. Here’s what I used to make them:

1 piece of scrapbook paper

Hempt ( ribbon/basic string would work too)

Flower hole puncher

Handy Dandy: Glue Gun

How It’s Done

Step 1) First take your string, measure a piece that can comfortably fit around your neck ( and to be tied) and cut three separate pieces of string so that you can braid it.

Step 2) Punch out many mini flowers with your hole puncher and then glue them via their center onto your braided hempt.

Step 3) Tie the ends and you are done * It is optional as to how you want to finish your choker. You can actually use a clasp of some sort or you could do a simplistic tie in the back; the choice is yours.

Okay, so to be honest, these were initially meant to be bracelets but when they were just way too big to be so, I just decided to transition them into neck chokers. You can make these unique fashion accessories be whatever you want it to be.

~ WorkWithIt, Girl: Make It Yours, Make It Work

WorkWith Mason Jar: Jar Of Hearts 4 Valentines Day

Good February to you guys,

I am kicking off this month with a craft that I created years ago for a women’s community group “party” that was around Valentines Day’s: Jar Of Hearts. I shared this craft on an older blog that I had quite some time ago but I am glad to be brining it back to this one. If you want to give a craft that is thoughtful, sweet and affordable at the same time, just keep on reading:

What you’ll need: 

Mason Jars

Scrapbook Paper/Copy Paper/Construction Paper ( Whatever you have)

Ribbons or other decorative material for your jar


How it’s done: 

Step 1) Take your paper and cut several hearts out of it. It can be small hearts, big ones, many or not of hearts; you can do what you please.


Step 2) Write down messages on each heart. This can be things that you love about someone, that you love that they did for you or kind thoughts in general such as bible verses of encouragement and love.


Step 3) Fold your hearts in half and place into your jar. Tie your ribbon around your jar and you are done:


It’s sweet, it’s simple and something which we all could create with the materials that we already have. From me to you, Happy Valentines Day! You are loved by Christ, first and foremost.

WorkWithIt, Girl: If you don’t have it, then you have to question whether or not you were meant to have it. And if you truly believe that you are, then you are going to do what you can to ” make” it. 

WorkWith Cookie Cutters: I Heart Ice Cream Treats

Hello Hello!

The craft that I am going to share with you was inspired by my own line of work being a doughnut designer. Let me explain; we used to make these Yum-Nut ( Doughnut Ice Cream sandwiches) by putting ice cream in these metal rings that would form thick circles after we stuffed it with ice cream. So, as I looked as these cookie cutters, I was curious as to whether I could do the same thing with what I have to create ice cream treats…and here’s how it came out.

What I Used: 

Cookie Cutters ( 2 Heart shaped)

Vanilla Bean Ice cream ( You can use whatever you have)

Sprinkles ( You can use chocolate, gauche, etc)

All I Did:

I took some cookie cutters and lined them , imperfectly, with saran wrap. The saran wrap did not need to be perfect because it was mainly there to help get the shapes out.

I scooped a generous amount of ice cream into each cookie cutter and pressed down with the back of my spoon. It was important to press down to make sure that the ice cream went all the way down through the cookie cutter.

I wrapped the tops casually with saran wrap and popped them into the freezer until as solid as I could wait for ( this is the done) : D


I sprinkled each heart pink/red sprinkles and wala. Okay okay okay, so the heart shaped could be more defined but we can’t take back time can we ? I will make sure I press down more; especially around  the center crease but it did not turn out bad!


It is nothing complicated but has everything it needs; who wouldn’t want a thick bite of ice cream. I figured this would make a cute treat at a little party ( providing they are in the freezer until served) or just a nice snack for Valentines Day after dinner itself. Is it just me….what do you think ?

WorkWithIt, Girl: Make It Yours, Make It Work. 

WorkWith Canvas Board: Cute Letter Wall Frame

Good Monday to you!

Today I wanted to share with you how to make this simple flower puncher letter board to hang up in your children’s room. It was great to finally use the last canvas from my birthday back in 2016 ( seriously, I got a pack from Michael’s and I never used all 10 until now) to make this and it’s so simple to do! Here’s how you can make it:

You’ll need: 

1 Canvas Board

A Hole Puncher ( I got this mini Flower one from JoAnn’s Crafts for 2.00) but you can use any kind of hole puncher you can get your hand on)

Scrapbook Paper of Choice


Let’s get started:

Step 1) Take your hole puncher and punch as many flowers or whatever design you are using through your scrapbook paper. My paper was double sided so I was able to take advantage of the different designs.

Step 2) Glue your punch-outs onto the sides of your canvas and also the entire perimeter of your canvas.

Step 3) Glue the letter of your choice using the leftover punch outs. This is optional as you could also glue wooden letters, use paint to decorate the middle or whatever you’d like. You are done:

Thank you for joining me for today’s post. Have a wonderful rest of the week!






WorkWith Scrapbook Paper: Poppy LED Lanterns

Hey, Hey Hey!

So, I don’t know why I am calling these “poppy” lanterns persay but that’s just what came mind when I saw them. I had cut all of these strips of paper with the intent to use them for Quirkbows for the Christmas season but I really didn’t end up using them….therefore I had a stack of strips just sitting there waiting to be used. Typically, people use these to make like a circle banners for room decorations but I figured that we could take them in a different direction:

All you need: 

Scrapbook Paper

1 normal basic ruler

LED Light Candles ( The dollar store has the BEST deal, I am telling you, two for 1 dollar).

Glue or Stapler



Here’s how you make it:

Step 1) Take your scrapbook paper and cut it into even strips the length of your ruler. You will need 4 strips per lantern.


Step 2) Line your strips like a snowflake and glue or staple the middle/center together.

Step 3) Take your LED light and tape or glue into the center of your strips.


Step 4) Take each strip upward ( both sides) to form a circle and glue or staple the ends together. Do this to each strip.


Step 5) You can glue the top of your circles centered together or you can glue them on top of each other one by one.

Step 6) Cut a piece of ribbon and glue it onto of your lantern. You are done!

I was pleasantly surprised to see how cute these little lantern poppers came out; why buy those little lanterns when you can make your own. You can tie them individually with ribbon and hang them sporadically or you can connect them all using 1 ribbon forming your own light fixture.

WorkWithIt, Girl: Don’t let other people tell you what your limitations are so that you move downward, know yourself what your limitations are so you can choose the direction in where you want to go regardless of them.




WorkWith Scrapbook Paper: Decorative Pencil/Pen Covers

Hi Ladies & Gents!

How many of you guys are starting school today ? Well, today’s craft just might come in time if you want to spruce up your pencils this year. That being said, thiscraft was certainly spontaneous and it was not what I originally thought it was going to be but when I figured that it wouldn’t be safe to make straws with hot glue, the idea turned into chic pencil covers. Here’s what I used:

1 strip of scrapbook paper per pen/pencil


Here’s how I made them: 

Step 1) Take a piece of scrapbook paper and cut a strip off the length of your standard measuring ruler. Take the strip of paper and gently twist each end in the opposite direction.


Step 2) Carefully wrap the twist tighter and tighter. Then you let go to let it loose. At this step you can take one end and twist the paper again in an overlapping consistency. I have showed two examples of the overlapping below:


Step 3) Gently pull your paper in both directions, extending the length of the paper. Glue the loose end.

There you have it:

I don’t know how practical this idea is but if your looking for a way to spruce up your writing utensils without spending much of anything on the daily, this could be a possibility. No ? Okay, well may it inspire you nevertheless.

Have a great day: WorkWithIt, Girl.




WorkWith A Folder: Earring Holder/Organizer

Hey Guys!

Thank you for joining me again in the New Year! Today, I wanted to share with you this idea that I have had for quite a minute now but I only more recently decided to try it out. All you need to do this craft is a folder and a needle ( or an spare earring back). So, let me walk you through how I made this craft: 

First, there are so many different themed folders that you can get out there or that you may already have lying around that you never used. I picked up this folder a while ago for an interview…and never really used it much after. Therefore I just took the folder and cut out the inside flaps.


Next, all I started to do is poke two holes into the folder. You can go ahead and poke the holes throughout the whole folder or you can do two at a time, then add your earrings. * I recommend doing them two at a time if you have a wide variety of earrings because you wouldn’t want the dangling runs to run across the stud earrings. Overall though,  as long as you put a big enough gap between them ( probably 1 centimeter) so they can all fit together, you’ll be good to go.


You are done!

You don’t have to worry about losing earrings ever again! You open up your folder and there they will be….not tangled and looking deranged. The folder organizer is convenient to carry around too. You can put earrings on the outside of the folder, inside of the folder…all over, it’s up to you. Do you like this idea ? Comment down below with your thoughts :).

~ WorkWithIt, Girl: You don’t have it because you don’t “need” it.