WorkWith Bar Of Soap: Lolly Fun Soap Bars for Parties!

Good Morning To You This Wednesday!

Backstory:  Recently, I was strolling through the bath & body aisle of Target and I noticed these cute soap bars by Zoella, who I believe to be is a very popular & established YouTuber. As cute as these bars were, I looked over at the price and I “thought” I saw a hefty price tag of 6.50. Now I am sure the soap bars were quality and for those who know Zoella, quite a commodity but I figured that I could just workwith a regular bar of soap to create my own little D.I.Y to share here. So, let’s get started:

What I Used:

2 bars of soap

Sharp Knife/Butter knife

Gift wrapping Paper

Plastic Utensils ( specifically 2 plastic knifes in replacement of the Popsicle sticks because not only did I not have any Popsicle sticks but Target apparently did not either ;P).


How It’s Done:

Step 1) Simply use a sharp knife to poke through the middle bottom of your bar of soap. Depending on how your soap is wrapped, you may be able to keep the wrapper on if you’d like. Once you have a reasonable hole to poke your plastic knife into, insert it right in.

Step 2) Take a cut out piece of your wrapping paper and wrap it around the soap, be sure to now secure the back with tape. * It’s important to leave some excess wrapping paper ( maybe .5 inch-1 inch) on each side that you can fold in the sides.

Step 3) Fold inward the ends of your bar like you are wrapping a small present and secure the bottom with a ribbon of your choice. * Proceed to tie your ribbon into a bow. 

Step 4) Optional: Stick a personal sticker on your wrapping paper to fit the occasion ( Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Birthday Party, etc).

And there you have it!

If you already have some extra bars of your favorite soap lying around and some gift wrapping paper from that birthday party that you previously went to, this project cost you barely anything to make and you look like the creative genius for whatever occasion your attending/throwing.

♥ WorkWithIt: Make It Yours, Make It Works ♥

~ Bre

WorkWith Calendar Paper: Graduation Cap Goodie Bags

Backstory: I had made this project some quite some time ago but I wanted to bring it to WorkWithIt because I know that graduation time is quickly approaching for many students across the country. That being said, you can really use any kind of paper for this project ( old magazines, cardstock paper , newspaper, etc). In fact, what would be really cool ( in my opinion) is if you are like a journalism student or something along those lines, to use like the New York Times ( hard copy) newspaper or some other hard-copy Newspaper.

What I Used:

1 Calendar Page

1 Piece of Cardstock paper



String/Ribbon for the tassle * I just took some strands of ribbon and stapled it to the corner of my cap

How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take your calendar page ( must be square) and fold in the sides inward forming a cap like shape and neatly tape down the back.

Step 2) Take your cardstock paper, cut it into a square shape and fold it in half, then fold both sides inward creating a small pouch -like shape. * Make sure you staple the bottom of the pouch/tape the back if necessary

Step 3) Take your pouch and glue/tape it to the front of your cap


Step 4) Take a long piece of cardstock paper that is long in length but shorter in width and form a circle shape and circle. Glue this circle onto the back of your cap.

Step 5 ( Optional) Add either a faux ribbon or string tassle. I did not want to use too much Ribbon so my tassle is quite thin but all I did is take some ribbon and wrap it and cut the bottom.


You Are Done!

I did not have a graduation party but if I did, these would be on the table. You could use your school colors or just do whatever design and pattern type of paper that you would like. If your graduating, from me to you, Congratulations on your acheivement!

WorkWithItt ♥ Just Because You Did Not Do, Does Not Mean That You Could Not Do

WorkWith Mason Jars: Enchanting Rose Jars

Backstory: This craft project was not exactly what I had in mind to do initially; I just was walking through the dollar store to try to find something to fit into the Mason jar that I had and thought, why not put a flower in the jar to create some sort of, kind of Beauty and The Beast Inspired craft. Though I have not seen the new 2017 live-action version of the Disney film, I absolutely love the original 1991 version so this project is in memory of that one.


What I Used:

1 Mason Jar ( you can use any size or tint of jar that you please, of course)

Gold Glitter

Fake Rose Flowers


How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take your fake rose flower and cut the stem until it can fit into your jar ( top down) with the lid closed. Once your flower is cut, sprinkle in some of your glitter.

Step 2) Fill your jar with water completely to the top and add in more glitter


Just screw the lid on tightly and you are done!

This project truly is simple & fun but lovely at the same time. Personally, what I would like to do is buy a blue tinted mason jar, with silver glitter and a white rose and to do the same thing for like a Winter Wonderland. Anyhow, I think this can be a cute DIY project for a Beauty & The Beast birthday party or whatever occasion, really.

Workwithit ~ Bre