WorkWith Glitter Cardstock Paper: Shooting Star Spinners

Backstory: My good friend, Carly, gave me this very pretty blue-glitter cardstock paper a week or so ago and I just knew I had to make something with it. As I have been in the stores lately, I have noticed the usual wind blower spinner things  and figured that I would just make my own hand-held spinners using the star as the shape since the 4th of July is coming in all.

What I Used:

1 Unsharpened Pencil

1 Wall/Cardboard Tac

Blue Glitter Cardstock Paper by Recollections



How Its Done:

Step 1) Cut out an outline of a medium size star on your Cardstock paper

Step 2) Carefully, poke your tax into the center of your pencil ( do not poke it all the way through).

Step 3) Once you have made a sturdy hole into your pencil, poke your tax into the center of your star, then back into the pencil. There should be a little room in between your star/pencil so that the star can spin.

Step 4) Take a piece of tulle and glue it onto the back of your pencil




Isn’t it cute ? I think that with some parental guidance because of the sharp tacs…that I managed to poke myself with…these would be a cute little party DIY/craft for the kiddies to take home, what do you think ?

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