WorkWith Wire Wreath: Paper-Circle Chandelier

Backstory: I have recently reached a point in my life whereas I do not think I can spare a single penny more into any more craft supplies; well perhaps I am being a bit dramatic but honestly, unless I can spare a dollar here and there, I am currently just going to be creating crafts by either recycling previous craft supplies or simply doing what we do best here, creating from what we already have. That being said, today I reused the wire wreath from the Tutu Canopy that I did earlier on here and made a paper-circle chandelier.

What I Used:

Medium Sized Wire Wreath

Cardstock Paper




How It’s Done:

Step 1) Paint your wire wreath your color of choice. * Since I have been obsessed with this blue cotton color, I decided to use that color.

Step 2) Using a circular object, trace several circles onto card-stock paper and cut these circles out. The more, the better.


Step 3) Paint your circles and let come to being at least nearly dry

Step 4) Lay out your ribbon in equal lengths and tape your circles via the back in your pattern of choice. * I did lay out my circles/ribbon beforehand just so I could get a general idea of how I wanted the layout of circles to be.

Step 5) Take two equally long piece of ribbons and tie them in a cross position to your wire wreath as this is how your chandelier will be hanged.

Step 6) Tie your circle strands onto your wire wreath in various places. *I did not create many circle strands ( I did maybe 6) but you can create as many or little as you’d like your chandelier to have.

There you have it!

♥Workwithit, girl: Make It Yours, Make It Work♥



WorkWith Wire Wreath Form: Darling Tutu Canopy

Backstory: I have been wanting to make a canopy for quite awhile but I had originally wanted to make it with a Hula hoop but those were 5.88 and the small wire wreath was only 1.77 so I decided to workwithit instead. Beauty guru’s may be using these wire wreaths for ring lights but us crafters can use it to make a romantic-Tutu-like Canopy ♥

What I Used:

Two Rolls Of Tulle ( The more, the better and the better quality, the better)

One Small Wire Wreath Form

Glue Gun

White & Pink Ribbon


How It’s Done:

Step 1) Take two even pieces of ribbon and lay them in a + (plus sign) formation inside of your wreath, you will tie your ribbons to the outer ring of your wire wreath. I used the hot glue gun to glue each knot down to the wreath so that the string would not move and throw the wreath out of balance

Step 2) Twirl the very top of your ribbon into a loop and tie together either by using a small rubberband or a piece of tape. * I used a piece of tape because it was, what I had in the moment

Step 3) Find a place to hang your ribboned wreath. * I just taped a hanger upside down in my bathroom doorway and put it there but you could also just hang it on your shower curtuan rod by using a shower curtain ring.


Step 4) Take a long piece of tulle ( how long depends on how long you want the tulle tutu to be and fold it in half. Then take the top middle of your tulle, make a loop U shape with it and hold it up to the front of your wreath. You will then take the loose bottom of your tulle and wrap it under your wire wreath, then over, into the loop that you have, then just tighten the knot.

Step 4) Just continue to do this repetitively  with tulle until the canopy is as full and opaque as you would like 🙂


Step 5) ( Optional): Tie some ribbons around your canopy and wala….

Cute, simple and it cost no more than five dollars to make. Admittedly, I would say that it is best to invest in your tulle if you are doing this project beyond crafty fun because the cheaper tulle just streads easier when cut and crinkles vs. the more expensive tulle is softer and not so staticy. Nevertheless, I had fun making this and I hope that if you choose to do so, you would too! I think it would be adorable for a little girl room or even a baby room 🙂

~ Workwithit, ♥ no means what you allow it to mean ♥

~ Bre