An Open Letter

Good Morning,

Today, I wanted to share something that I wrote in my digital notebook, probably a few weeks ago; surprisingly yet not, this was not written in response to the horrific event that happened in Las Vegas but something else. What it was, I am not quite sure but the fact that this brief sentiment still applies just shows where we are as a nation today:

October 9th, 2017

To whom it may concern:

Today, I am writing this brief letter to those who not only who identify with the nationality that is “American” but any of those who identify with the identity that makes us all the same: human.

Today, as yesterday, as years ago, as decades ago, we have faced the redundant cycle of destructive human behavior driven by hatred, bitterness, spite, vengenfulness and what not. It is my opinion, that these intense emotions represent imminent threats, even more so than the actual acts of harm that we choose to carry out with weapons, nuclear detonation; etc. Why ? Because before we DO anything, the predecessor to doing is found in what we choose to think, how we choose to think and what we choose to do with what we think.

Many of us are afraid of what one nation can do to another but what I am afraid of is how we choose to think about one another; when in reality we were all created the same and internally, we are all the same. We are threatened by those whose skin is different than ours. We are threatened by those who cultures & beliefs are different than our own. In actuality, the biggest threat to us is not the differences that  our fellow neighbor has but the lie that says we can not get along because of these differences. Yes, we are threatened by our own flawed, egostitic and contrieved perceptions.

We have many freedoms but we also have many bondages ( restrictions) because of what we have decided to carry with us, time after time after time again. Even though we choose to carry our hostility, our lack of compassion, our carelessness, our unforgiveness, our ignorance, and our divivdness, by doing so we have only carried ourselves towards the oppression of freedom and eventually ruination. So much for being free…

It is no surprise that we, Americans, have many enemies but as an American myself, I can not speak for the actions of others now or those back when but only how I have chosen to think today and what I have chosen to do today with what I think that will subsequently shape where we will go.

While the initial’s U.S stand for United States, it also can represents US. US as people, as individuals from the farthest part of the world to the nearest, united, under God. Let us not be driven by flawed and repetitive emotions but driven by a value for the truth, an understanding of unconditional love and the greater change that can come for all of us when we choose to stand together. 

~ Bree


MoveIt Mondays: Wrong Focus = WRONG DIRECTION

Hi & Welcome Back to another MoveIt Monday 🙂

I was scrolling through my Facebook page feed AWHILE ago and I had come across a status that conveyed that a young lady that I used to know had just embarked on a new job opportunity. Admittedly, at the moment I was not filled with happiness for her but more so jealousy and also disappointment with my own life. As I begin to process it after my initial reaction, I realized that not only was my reaction centered around myself in a selfish way but also that I could never move on to do what I need to do and what I am meant to do by remaining fixated in a negative way on what everyone is doing that I am not.

None of us have the same path in this life and the sooner we keep that in our minds, the better off our lives can be and we can focus on living instead of dwelling. We have to catch ourselves and remind ourselves that the Lord created different journey’s with different lessons for all of our lives and just because we may not be where X is or have what Y has, that does not mean we will never. It just may mean that we have a lesson in contentment, an opportunity for growth in our faith and so on.

I say this all to say to you, be encouraged but also remember that as long as our focus is on them and what everybody else is doing, we hinder our own walk forward. We all sometimes have moments of weakness, we are imperfect beings, but we can not dwell in these moments of weakness but rise to be the person that God would have us to be. People not fixated on what other people are doing but on what we can do and how the Lord is already working in us so that we can be used according to his purpose. Once we learn to be genuine for other people, instead of bitter about what they are doing or what they have, we can truly move ourselves in the right direction.

♥ Workwithit: Make It Yours, Make It Work ♥

MoveIt Mondays: What Did You Do…

TODAY to work towards where you want to be in your future ?

Good Monday Everyone : ) I do not know about you but I find that when I look at the present state of my life versus where I would like to be or what I would like to do, I rarely do anything in the present day that would steer me in the direction towards changing my present state.

What I am trying to say is, if I look at the skills that I want to develop, the things that I would like to do, and the places I would like to go, I am not really actively working towards these things because I am NOT pursing opportunities, taking chances and just working towards what I can do NOW until I get towards where I am going that the Lord has for me to go.

This leads me to say that sometimes our…my biggest barrier is my own unwillingness to do. Whether it be laziness, lack of ambition, a lack of priorities or whatever it may be for each of us, instead of being on our way to where we want to be, we just choose to let today be apparently what we want to keep doing instead of what we need to be doing ( future tense).

If you want to go to the Grand Canyon, what did you do “today” to work towards that goal ?

If you want to be a better musician, what did you do today to work towards that goal ?

If you want to save some money for a trip or a house, what did you do today to work towards that goal ?

If you want to get a job, what did you do TODAY to work towards that goal ?

Don’t say “tomorrow” because tomorrow has not arrived and always saying “tomorrow” just neglects the current, present day that is already here ( James 4:13-17).

I want to conclude saying this, we should not beat ourselves up about what we can not do, but we should hold ourselves accountable for what we could have done that we simply did not. With consideration to what has been said here, I also want to say that the focus is NOT on the “future” when we are working towards something now but really the focus is on living these lives that God gave us. IF what we want to do and where we want to go is WITHIN the will of God and the desire of your heart is there because your focus is on God first and foremost, then you already have God who is for you to do and to be , the only thing that is stopping you is going to be you and what you chose not to do.

Workwithit: What you could do tomorrow is too late for what you should be doing today ~

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MoveIt Mondays: Don’t Assume, Just ASK!

How many times have we not done something because we assumed that the results/experience would be negative ?

How many times have we had a question to ask but we did not ask because we assumed that the question itself was not important enough or would make ourselves look bad ?

How many times have we wanted to say something but we assumed that the reception of what we had to say would be met with negativity, rejection, etc ?

Sometimes, I think so many of us are busy protecting ourselves with our assumptions that we neglect to realize the peace of mind that we can have by just asking to get the real answer, instead of the preconceived and prejudged answer. This leads me to say that coming from experience, I have been so afraid of the negative that might be the answer that I have hindered my life and I know that I have missed out on what could have been probably many positive and uplifting outcomes. I know that it is because I am afraid of what I might lose or how I might fail but these reasons why should not be good enough reasons to keep me from living.

Today, I just want to encourage you, whoever is reading this, to don’t go off of what you think but to go off what you know. None of us will ever know if we do not try and/or if we do not ask. It is impossible to know without seeking out the answer because God did not give us the ability to see the future nor to be mind-reader so we can not live our lives pretending to be able to do so because we can’t.

It will take time to reset our negative, assuming mindset but I think we might all be surprised to find just how much we have to GAIN by asking and trying instead of what we might lose by asking/trying.

♥ WorkWithIt: Make It Yours, Make It Work ♥

~ Bre

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Life’s Been Hard…

Hello and welcome, after so long, to WorkWithIt,Girl.

Initially, I was just going to start posting those posts in which I had saved in archives for oh, so long but I figured that I wanted to actually say something with mindfulness to the present day and where I have been. Honestly, things have been discouraging, disappointing and frustrating and at the same time, there have been moments of clarity and revelation. That being said, since the last time I posted here was in June, I moved out of my apartment to stay with a friend, my job of 2+ years ended after the store I was working at closed, I started a new job that I am somewhat very disappointed in and now, I am just contemplating where the Lord has me to go next.

I had plans, they did not go the way I expected…

I had ideas, but not the strength nor passion to do them…

I had hopes, but my own hopes did not come through….

It’s crazy of God’s timing sometimes and frankly, I just did not know what more I could do here nor did I have the enthusiasm nor mind-space to do anything more here. However, today I got an email from a site whom I submitted one of my crafts ideas too and they wanted to know if I would make my blog post public again ( after being unlisted for an amount of time). Maybe that meant something or maybe not, but I will allow it to be a push and encouragement to start here again, WorkWithItGirl.

I don’t have many ideas for crafts and creating right now but hopefully, I’ll be booming with ideas very soon!

~ Bree

WorkWith Wire Wreath: Paper-Circle Chandelier

Backstory: I have recently reached a point in my life whereas I do not think I can spare a single penny more into any more craft supplies; well perhaps I am being a bit dramatic but honestly, unless I can spare a dollar here and there, I am currently just going to be creating crafts by either recycling previous craft supplies or simply doing what we do best here, creating from what we already have. That being said, today I reused the wire wreath from the Tutu Canopy that I did earlier on here and made a paper-circle chandelier.

What I Used:

Medium Sized Wire Wreath

Cardstock Paper




How It’s Done:

Step 1) Paint your wire wreath your color of choice. * Since I have been obsessed with this blue cotton color, I decided to use that color.

Step 2) Using a circular object, trace several circles onto card-stock paper and cut these circles out. The more, the better.


Step 3) Paint your circles and let come to being at least nearly dry

Step 4) Lay out your ribbon in equal lengths and tape your circles via the back in your pattern of choice. * I did lay out my circles/ribbon beforehand just so I could get a general idea of how I wanted the layout of circles to be.

Step 5) Take two equally long piece of ribbons and tie them in a cross position to your wire wreath as this is how your chandelier will be hanged.

Step 6) Tie your circle strands onto your wire wreath in various places. *I did not create many circle strands ( I did maybe 6) but you can create as many or little as you’d like your chandelier to have.

There you have it!

♥Workwithit, girl: Make It Yours, Make It Work♥


MoveIt Monday’s: Why Not

An important question that I am sure all of us have been asked in our lives is: “Why do you do what you do”. Why we are choosing to do and to be whatever that may mean in our own lives But an equally important question that perhaps needs to be asked more is ” Why Not”. Why are you NOT doing X ? Why are you not going for Y ? Why are you not working towards Z ?

Now let me pause right here and say this first: IF something is within the will and plan of God, then this “why not” question stands but if something is not within the will of God, then the “why not” question has already been answered. As we might wonder the what the will of God is, we can also find this answer if we look at what we want to do/be/have and whether it lines up with God and his righteousness. If it’s out of greed, then it does not. If it’s out of vanity , then it does not. If it is out of pride, then it is not. If it is out of lust, then it does not. If you want to do something or have something that is NOT of God and/or that goes against his word, then it is not. Sorry but not sorry. I am sure you are following where I am going with my point here. Just wanted to be clear because we all got dreams and wants but every dream and want is not necessarily within his will.

As I was saying previously, taking the time to answer the “why not” question or even asking someone else “why not” is important because it encourages people to think and sometimes when we get thinking, it reveals our flawed thinking (mindset), attitude and even behavior. The thing is, I am sure because I feel the same way, that a lot of times the “why not” is not followed by something that HAS to remain or to be in our lives but that we choose to do nothing about.

Why not…I do not have the means.

Why not….I feel inadequate enough.

Why not…I can not do it.

Why not…I am not good enough.

I could go on and on but I did not write this post to make it about the answer to the “why not” but more so the action that can come once that question has been honestly answered. More times than not, we let where we currently are dictate where we will go or what we will be but isn’t faith  about looking past what we currently see and just knowing that there is greater. Sometimes, our journey to where and what God actually has for us is only being barred from our own mindset and attitudes about what “we” can do instead of being about where and what God can do and what he has ALREADY brought us through and provided us with.

Have a wonderful week!

WorkWithIt ♥ no means what we allow it to mean ♥

~ Bre