WorkWith Wire Wreath: Paper-Circle Chandelier

Backstory: I have recently reached a point in my life whereas I do not think I can spare a single penny more into any more craft supplies; well perhaps I am being a bit dramatic but honestly, unless I can spare a dollar here and there, I am currently just going to be creating crafts by either recycling previous craft supplies or simply doing what we do best here, creating from what we already have. That being said, today I reused the wire wreath from the Tutu Canopy that I did earlier on here and made a paper-circle chandelier.

What I Used:

Medium Sized Wire Wreath

Cardstock Paper




How It’s Done:

Step 1) Paint your wire wreath your color of choice. * Since I have been obsessed with this blue cotton color, I decided to use that color.

Step 2) Using a circular object, trace several circles onto card-stock paper and cut these circles out. The more, the better.


Step 3) Paint your circles and let come to being at least nearly dry

Step 4) Lay out your ribbon in equal lengths and tape your circles via the back in your pattern of choice. * I did lay out my circles/ribbon beforehand just so I could get a general idea of how I wanted the layout of circles to be.

Step 5) Take two equally long piece of ribbons and tie them in a cross position to your wire wreath as this is how your chandelier will be hanged.

Step 6) Tie your circle strands onto your wire wreath in various places. *I did not create many circle strands ( I did maybe 6) but you can create as many or little as you’d like your chandelier to have.

There you have it!

♥Workwithit, girl: Make It Yours, Make It Work♥


MoveIt Monday’s: Why Not

An important question that I am sure all of us have been asked in our lives is: “Why do you do what you do”. Why we are choosing to do and to be whatever that may mean in our own lives But an equally important question that perhaps needs to be asked more is ” Why Not”. Why are you NOT doing X ? Why are you not going for Y ? Why are you not working towards Z ?

Now let me pause right here and say this first: IF something is within the will and plan of God, then this “why not” question stands but if something is not within the will of God, then the “why not” question has already been answered. As we might wonder the what the will of God is, we can also find this answer if we look at what we want to do/be/have and whether it lines up with God and his righteousness. If it’s out of greed, then it does not. If it’s out of vanity , then it does not. If it is out of pride, then it is not. If it is out of lust, then it does not. If you want to do something or have something that is NOT of God and/or that goes against his word, then it is not. Sorry but not sorry. I am sure you are following where I am going with my point here. Just wanted to be clear because we all got dreams and wants but every dream and want is not necessarily within his will.

As I was saying previously, taking the time to answer the “why not” question or even asking someone else “why not” is important because it encourages people to think and sometimes when we get thinking, it reveals our flawed thinking (mindset), attitude and even behavior. The thing is, I am sure because I feel the same way, that a lot of times the “why not” is not followed by something that HAS to remain or to be in our lives but that we choose to do nothing about.

Why not…I do not have the means.

Why not….I feel inadequate enough.

Why not…I can not do it.

Why not…I am not good enough.

I could go on and on but I did not write this post to make it about the answer to the “why not” but more so the action that can come once that question has been honestly answered. More times than not, we let where we currently are dictate where we will go or what we will be but isn’t faith  about looking past what we currently see and just knowing that there is greater. Sometimes, our journey to where and what God actually has for us is only being barred from our own mindset and attitudes about what “we” can do instead of being about where and what God can do and what he has ALREADY brought us through and provided us with.

Have a wonderful week!

WorkWithIt ♥ no means what we allow it to mean ♥

~ Bre

MoveIt Mondays: If your going to go for it, GO for it.

Hey Everybody & welcome back to another edition of MoveIt Mondaaay’s.

Now, I am so guilty of what I wanted to talk about today but I want to talk about it because even though it is a struggle of mine, it is not where I want to stay nor something that I want my life to be an example of, but an example from.

  • How many times have we started something but not finished it ?
  • How many times have we said we wanted to do something but never got around to it ?
  • How many of us are still talking about the same things we talked about doing months ago ?

And we wonder why we do not have anything to show, not for others but to remind ourselves what commitment ( and it’s results) looks like, what responsibility looks like, what discipline looks like and so on. This leads me to say that, for me at least, half the time I am wishing that I could do something or have something or be something and the reality is not that I could not do it but I am lacking in motivation, will, discipline and drive to do something about it and to be consistent.

You know, God does not want us to do things halfheartedly because it does not line up with who he is and how he seeks for us to do our work ( anything) unto him. However, why do we keep insisting on acting halfheartedly with our lives. We want to learn how to do X and we are really passionate about it for a week and then we drop off. We want to create this and we are excited and energetic to do so, but then that enthusiasm wears off. I could go on and on but that’s not my point here, my point here is that I am sure I don’t want my life to be that, none of us do. But it is up to us to do something about it. God provides and exceeds but what are we doing as we walk along the path ? Are we pulling what we can down the entire path or just pulling until we get tired, only to turn around to where we were at: still doing nothing and with nothing to show.

So, let me encourage us all this week to go for it and to GO for it. Even if you can not necessarily do something or have something then and there, are our attitudes and actions leading us in the right direction so that we can ?

WorkWithIt ♥ if we refuse to start anywhere then we refuse to get somewhere ♥

~ Bree

MoveIt Mondays: Not A Spirit Of Fear

Good Monday to you all and welcome to the first MoveIt Monday 🙂

About twice a month on Mondays, I just want to bring  you guys a word of encouragement and gracefullness that will encourage,  build us up and move us in the way that he ( God) would have us to do so; and the direction of God is always up…never down. So as for today, the main message that I want to share is in one of my life verses-  2 Timothy 1: 7. It says:

“For GOD has NOT given us a spirit of fear , but of power, of love and a sound mind”

Man, I love this verse because it clearly shows what God has for us: not fear but the things greater than it. Sometimes, especially as the fearful person that I am, I know that I remain stagnant in times of opportunity because of my fear. That being said, though there is certainly a time for stillness, stillness that is the result (outcome) of fear is NOT what God has for us. God wants us to be still and to heed to his will and fear, my friends, is not in it.

In my own life, I struggle with fear on a daily basis, whether it’s fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of driving, …fear…fear..FEAR but I know that it does not come from God nor is it what he has for me ( or you); it is an inhibition to far greater things: joy, faith, love, a sound mind ( peacefulness), living and most importantly: God. We can’t act in the will of God if we are acting in fear…and we can put a period at the end of that.

But, as for me ( and yes, you, whoever is reading this), we do not have to stay in fear, we can and have to try to move ourselves up out of it because surely we were not meant and are not called to live in it. So, for the upcoming week, I just want to say that fear is real and it was created for a reason but don’t be directed nor guided by it, be aware and bigger than fear because God is bigger than anything you may be fearing.

~ WorkWithIt ♥ it is often that we say we can’t, but the reality is just that we won’t


WorkWith A Magazine: Personal & Quirky Bookmarks

Backstory: The other day I was feeling quite exhausted so I decided to get in my bed to just relax but then I started to marvel at the idea of creating some bookmarks out of some of the old paper media ( a concert magazine and an old bookmark for words). that I had. Instead of just thinking of creating them and remaining in my laziness, I decided to get out of bed to make them. The idea itself was not new as I had done these bookmarks quite some time ago but I wanted to bring the idea here to workwithit.

What I Used:

A Magazine

Light Pink and Hot Pink Cardstock Paper

Scissors & Staples & A Glue Stick


How It’s Done

Step 1) Take a ruler or something long/straight and cut out your bookmark using the cardstock paper


Step 2) Get a magazine and find words and/or statements that stand out to you to use for your bookmark(s), cut these words out. You will use these words to make a statement that means something to you.


Step 3) Glue the words that matter to you onto your bookmark. * It is optional at this step for a laminated effect that you can place a piece of clear moving tape on top ( so that it is wide enough to cover the whole bookmark). You can also choose to uniquely cut your bookmark however you please…


Step 4) Staple a ribbon tie onto the top of the bookmark.


And there you have it!

Your own personalized and unique to you bookmark for all of the wonderful books out there that we all have yet to discover and delve into.